Vegan Picnic Ideas for the Lazy Vegan

vegan picnic ideas, cheap easy vegan food

Summer is here which¬†when it’s not raining, it’s time to head outdoors for long and lazy lunches with your friends and family. If you’re vegan or just cutting down gradually, these ideas will help you through the summer. There’s no need to hide away with these recipes and ideas – plan a massive vegan picnic and invite your friends and family. Share the vegan love!

vegan picnic ideas

Vegan picnic ideas.


  • Sandwiches or bread rolls: A picnic staple that’s sure to please. Fillings such as vegan cheese and tomato, houmous and cucumber, falafel and rocket, nut butter, roasted pepper, Quorn Vegan spicy burgers all work well. Make a couple of fillings so everyone has something to choose from!
  • Vegan pizza quesadilla. A simple and child-approved treat. Put in some finely chopped veggies (olive and red onion for me), or leave it as cheese and tomato. Batch cook the day before and store in the fridge with some kitchen paper.
  • Tomato and basil pasta – use a tiny pasta of your choice and cheat by using a ready made sauce, remembering to check the ingredients. Vegan mozzarella optional!
  • Leafy salad with a vegan dressing of your choice. Goes with just about anything you serve and will be jam packed full of calcium, iron and other beneficial minerals.vegan picnic ideas

Sides and snacks.

  • Fruit. Almost goes without saying – it takes no effort at all to pick up a tub of strawberries or blueberries. Exactly the amount of effort I like to put in for a lazy weekend picnic!
  • Veggie sticks. Choose a yummy vegan dip to go with it – keep one simple and buy it in or make your own. I love the look of this Rocket & Cashew spread from Vegangela.
  • Vegan pink slaw. Mix some vegan mayo and soya cream before adding red cabbage, beetroot (I like smoked), carrot and mild onion. Raisins and apple work well if you want a sweeter slaw.

vegan picnic ideas

Desserts and cheats.

  • Easy Chocolate Chia Pudding. Soak some chia seeds overnight in some chocolate almond milk to make a super easy chocolate chia pudding.¬†Make individual chia puddings the night before and keep them in a cool bag or box.
  • Vegan chocolate cornflake cakes. Most dark chocolate is vegan – check the ingredients to be sure. Make them in the usual way or jazz them up with popcorn, dried fruit and chopped nuts. Crystallised ginger is especially yummy!
  • A veganised Betty Crocker cake – check out this article from My Vegan Supermarket if you want to be amazed!
  • Cheat with: tortilla chips, Oreos or Party Rings, bombay mix, vegan yoghurt pots, mixed nuts or some popcorn.

What are the vegan picnic foods you can’t live without? Let me know in the comments.

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