5 Eco-Friendly Ways To Clean Your Home

Despite what people often think, being environmentally friendly isn’t too difficult. While it isn’t exactly fun to do a deep clean, it can be a lot more rewarding knowing that you’re doing the best for the environment and saving yourself money too. If you want to reduce the impact you have on the planet while doing household chores, look no further than the list below.

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Lemon in the Microwave Trick

You may have heard about this one before, but that’s because it is so effective and works really well. Simply squeeze the juice of a lemon into a microwavable bowl and cook it for three minutes. After the timer finishes, allow it to stand for another five minutes before opening the door and wiping down the inside with a dry rag. Tricks like this save using chemically made sprays which can be harmful to the environment.

Use Bicarbonate of Soda

Instead of getting out your typical cleaning products, invest in some bicarbonate of soda. It is cheap to buy and non-toxic but still cleans everything up nicely and smells great too. You can use it on silverware products as well as other surfaces around your home. Being environmentally friendly is a trend right now, but it isn’t necessarily one that is bad.

Did you know? Property companies, like RW Invest, are starting to do their bit for the environment too. They are now ensuring they install smart technology into their properties, such as energy-saving lights that only turn on when someone enters the room. You could also do your bit for the planet by investing in some energy-saving bulbs for your home too.

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Cut Old Towels into Cleaning Rags

While buying new cleaning cloths can be enticing, especially those with cute patterns and designs, it is better to recycle your old towels and use those as your cleaning rags instead. Any towels that are no longer suitable for post-shower use could provide you with dozens of new and free rags to clean with. It’s also better for the environment over using disposable paper towels as many people do.

Freshen the Fridge with Coffee

Something that may be surprising to some people is that coffee can absorb odd and smelly odours in the fridge. This would work with stale coffee or any grounds that you have no use for. Simply place a bowl into the fridge for a day or two, and before you know it, you’ll have an odour-free refrigerator.

Photo by Volha Flaxeco on Unsplash
Photo by Volha Flaxeco on Unsplash

Vinegar for Cleaning Floors

By using a half-and-half solution of water and white vinegar, you can virtually clean any type of hard flooring. it could be granite, wood or even slate! This saves you money and helps the environment too, what more could you want!

Reducing your impact on the environment is key if you want to live an eco-friendly lifestyle, by implementing these small changes around your home can not only save your money but it is making a positive impact on the planet too. Perhaps try looking around your home for small changes you can do in order to reduce your carbon footprint both long and short term.

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