5 More Ways To Relieve Stress

You can never have too many ideas in your back pocket for how to relieve stress. So while this is something I’ve written about before – citing everything from tidying the bedroom to having sex – it’s something it never hurts to expand upon. So, here are five more interesting ways to relieve stress!

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Breathe deeply

It’s well known that exercise, including sex, as mentioned, can help you to relieve stress. But did you know that sometimes a simple breathing exercise can have a somewhat similar effect?

Deep, steady, repetitive breaths quite literally send signals to your brain to relax, and flood your system with oxygen in a way you just don’t do when you’re breathing normally. The same exercises also force you to block out the outside world and focus internally, even if just for a few moments at a time, and the effects can be almost shocking. There are innumerable effective breathing exercises out there to try, but if you stick with any one of them you’ll find you have a new way of calming yourself at any given moment, and possibly even a tool for more permanent stress relief. 

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Go for a swim

Naturally swimming is a form of exercise, so in a way it’s been covered. However, many who don’t swim regularly might not recognize the full range of positive effects this particular activity can have.

There is something almost meditative about the process of swimming, in addition to the more chemically-oriented benefits of endorphins released during exercise. It’s partly for this reason that swimming is sometimes even recommended to combat anxiety and depression! 

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Try colouring

If you’ve taken note at the now years-long trend of adults using coloring books and you’ve rolled your eyes at it, you may want to think again. This is something a lot of adults are trying as a means of disconnecting from the world (and from our constant access to technology), and it actually works.

There is a lot being written, both in a semi-scientific and in a purely anecdotal manner, about the benefits of coloring when it comes to stress relief, and it’s become clear this is at least worth trying out.

Get your finances sorted

Getting into debt is stressful, especially if you’re self-employed and usually in a state of not-enough-work like me! Sitting down in front of a piece of paper or spreadsheet and working out exactly what’s coming in and going out is the first step to less stress. Once you’ve done that, think about how you’re going to manage any random, large expense that comes your way – sites like dealsdaddy can go a long way to helping if your washing machine were to break!

Play repetitive games

People seem to debate to no end whether video games relieve or cause stress, and the truth is it depends to some extent on the games. Simpler, more repetitive games however are harder to debate, because they possess an undeniable lulling quality that can be calming and meditative.

Get a massage

Massage is one of the most famous ways in the world to relieve stress, and yet it’s one a lot of people don’t really think about or consider. Certainly it can be an expensive habit to get into, as a professional massage might cost anywhere from £30 to £200. However, a little bit of stress relief doesn’t have to come from a full-fledged professional massage. It can come from a massaging tool you purchase one time; you might be able to rub your own feet or the back of your neck for a few minutes at a time. And, if you happen to have a special someone in your life, you can massage each other!

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