5 Reasons to Choose Food Items with Eco-Friendly Packaging

Due to the raised interest in eco-friendly solutions and the fact that people are becoming more environmentally aware, the food manufacturing industry is slowly pushed into going through a period of transformation. 

It’s not a secret that the majority of food items available on the market are sold in unsustainable and non-recyclable packages. Sometimes even edibles that do not necessarily need additional protection are vacuumed or wrapped in plastic. Fortunately, the modern consumer embraces a sustainable lifestyle and starts demanding the implementation of greener practices in food production and packaging. 

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What is the Environmentally-Friendly Food Packaging?

An environmentally-friendly package is a wrap, box or any type of container made out of degradable and/or recyclable materials. Its purpose is to protect a certain product from damage while also protecting nature. 

Eco-oriented companies apply sustainable practices into the manufacture of food items. They also choose glass, metal and paper packaging for edibles storage, opting to lower the negative impact of the industrial world over the environment.

Glass and Metal

Glass is a great packaging solution for sufficient food preservation. What’s even better – you can either recycle it or reuse it for as long as you wish. The material works wonders for liquid and mushy edibles and is also widely used to vacuum and store canned confection. Glass containers (jars, cans, bottles, etc.) surely can find their alternative place and purpose around your home, serving as pots, decorations, vases, storage boxes, and more.

One of the best things about glass is that it is made from sand, limestone and soda ash, which naturally occur in the environment. Another important advantage of this type of eco-friendly packaging is that it is infinitely recyclable. The quality of the glass stays the same as in its virgin state, even if it gets recycled multiple times.

Metal packaging also comes with certain advantages. It is inexpensive to recycle and it can be reused around your house for years to come. It’s qualities of being tough, durable, long-lasting and hard-to-damage, make it alluring for the consumer to keep and reuse.

Aluminum cans, caps and containers are the most common metal packaging options. However, they are made from bauxite – a mineral that could be acquired through extensive mining. And this is the major eco downfall of aluminum packaging.

Paper and Plastic

Paper and cardboard packaging is considered one of the most eco-friendly pack types. It is incredibly easy to recycle and compost. Re-usage, on the other hand, is often not possible. Paper containers are not very durable and could be damaged during unpacking, through transportation or just irreversibly stained from the food stored inside.

One of the best qualities of paper is that it can biodegrade over time since it mainly consists of wood and plant-based materials. Cardboard and paper could be recycled over and over again, without any quality concerns. Eco-oriented consumers tend to specifically seek recycled paper food containers. Such a solution closes the loop and means no new trees would have to be taken down just to produce a certain package.

Plastic is considered the most environmentally damaging packaging and at the same time, the most commonly used food pack option. It’s wrapped around the fruits and vegetables, it’s covering all kinds of edible products, it’s storing food in single-use containers, it’s bottling up milk, juice and other liquids… and every kind of plastic is recyclable.

It’s a fact that plastic is a cheap packaging option for manufacturers and it takes less energy to produce than the other package types. However, it is derived from petroleum and it could be around for hundreds of years if not disposed of properly. Plastic is the main source of Earth waste contamination issues as it finds its way into nature, polluting the ocean and the hurting the wildlife.



Why Does Sustainability in Food Packaging Matter?

The eco-friendly package solutions really make a difference, because they assure both the consumer and the manufacturer would reduce their negative environmental impact. The food industry is on its way to realize the importance of sustainability. In the meantime, the eco-oriented consumer has to make wise decisions, shaping up the preferences of the mass by setting up a personal example.

5 Reasons to Choose Food Items with Eco-Friendly Packages

When it comes to food containment, the sustainability of the packaging materials matters for a number of reasons. Keep on reading to discover some of the biggest advantages eco-friendly packages have over the conventional plastic storage options.

Better Packaging, Better Product

In the modern world where everyone is busy or in a hurry, shopping for food is usually done smartly and the products are primarily judged by their cover. Packaging is the first thing a consumer sees and it is often the key to differentiating the type & quality of the displayed items. A biodegradable or recycled package definitely elevates the value of the product. If a company invested in the implementation of sustainable practices, it surely works towards making their product as healthy and environmentally-friendly as possible. 


After consumption of the edible item, you can go dispose of the packaging without hurting the environment or generating excessive trash. Eco-friendly containers are absolutely recyclable, made out of sustainable and degradable materials, so you can efficiently play your part in the reduction of the carbon footprint.

Make Less Waste

Sustainable food packaging has way too many beneficial qualities that make it reusable and recyclable. This means you get to enjoy your edible without the burden of making landfill waste that would be piled up, laying around for centuries. Moreover, since sustainable containers are based on natural materials and substances, they are usually capable of organic decay and decomposition.

Support Sustainable Brands

Invest in the bright future of food manufacturing brands that care about the environment and takes small but highly effective steps in nature protection. Buy products of sustainable brands to support them in making the world a better place. The more you stand behind companies with eco-friendly solutions and promising goals, the more impact they would have on a local or even global level.

Think About the Future

The future of the food industry (and the environment) is in the hands of the consumer. If we stand behind our values and want to make the world a better place, we have to be smart with our food choices. Be thoughtful and considerate next time you go grocery shopping. A massive alternation of customer preferences leaning towards environmental awareness, could permanently change the market and make it more sustainable. 


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