5 Ways To Reduce Your Carbon Footprint

As the threat of global warming becomes even more prominent, it is time to start thinking seriously about our lifestyle choices. Although you may not think your effort to reduce carbon emissions is worthwhile, if every person makes one change, this could actually result in a massive impact.

If you’re interested in creating a safer planet, then there are several ways to do so, while also saving money in the process. You can achieve a more eco-friendly lifestyle by implementing one of the following changes.

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Make your home hi-tech

One of the best ways that you can achieve a greener and more efficient lifestyle is by installing smart gadgets in your property, which can also save you a significant amount on your utility bills. To make your home more hi-tech, you should consider smart lighting, which can be monitored via a smart home hub or a mobile phone, where lights can be turned on and off, dimmed or even change colour even when you’re away from your home.

Certain types of smart lighting are operated by sensors, so the lights only turn on when you’re in the room. This will help to reduce your energy usage, resulting in decreased outgoings. Property companies like RW Invest are leading the way in smart home technology with several developments featuring smart lighting, which is beneficial to landlords and tenants.

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Heat your home

Another great way to reduce your energy costs and lead an eco-friendly lifestyle is to ensure you have the proper insulation in your property. This involves having your loft and cavity wall installed by a qualified fitter, which will reduce the amount of heat escaping your property, as well as preventing the cold from getting in.

A properly insulated home will allow you to reduce your heating bills, as less heat is lost, and the cold is kept out. Therefore, there is no need to turn on your radiators, especially in the summer when the house will be the perfect temperature.

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Grow your garden

Now you have created a more eco-efficient space inside your home; you should turn your attention to the property’s exterior, including the green space. Even if you have the smallest patch of grass, you can make the most of it by planting your own vegetables or fruit in your front or back garden.

Creating a homemade vegetable garden will allow you to protect yourself and the environment, as long as you make sure that the fertilising chemicals you use are not harmful to you or the planet. This will also help you save on food shopping, as you have your own free ingredients within reach.

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Make eco-friendly purchases

If you want to embrace an eco-friendly lifestyle fully, you should consider changing your eating habits, such as cutting out or reducing the amount of meat in your diet. Becoming vegetarian or vegan could help you achieve up to a 20% difference to your carbon footprint, as you are helping to reduce the amount of methane in the air which is mass produced when breeding cows and sheep.

Reducing your overall consumption habits will also benefit the environment. This will slowly help to reduce the amount of energy used during the production of clothing and other products which emit harmful substances into the atmosphere.

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Change your commute

One of the most significant methods for reducing carbon emissions is to change your mode of travel. If you tend to drive every day, then maybe you should consider reducing your mileage by using your car less. This will not only reduce your carbon footprint but can also help you save on petrol, insurance, and any other car-related expenditure.

Instead of driving to work, you should consider taking the train, which is usually a much quicker alternative, especially in city centres where peak time traffic is extremely time-consuming. You could also opt to take the bus, or for the most eco-friendly form of transport, you could ride a bike if the journey is not too far.

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