Driving Carbon Emissions Around The Bend

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Your carbon footprint is the amount of CO2 you burn as a direct or indirect result of your lifestyle. Check out this post from a couple of weeks ago to learn more. As that post pointed out (spoiler alert), the average person’s footprint is way higher than the global average. For the sake of the planet, we need to lower emissions and stop polluting the environment. Sadly, we contribute to the Earth’s demise every day by driving a car. If you want to drive CO2 emissions around the bend, then you need to read the following.


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Say No To Public Transport


People believe that using a bus or train is better than driving. The truth is that there are millions of cars on UK roads as well as hundreds of thousands of other vehicles. Sorry, but hopping on a bus won’t help the planet any more than continuing to drive. To make a difference, and despite it being glaringly obvious, you have to walk. Sometimes, it isn’t possible because the journey is too long. But, don’t sell yourself short when the trips are of medium length. A couple of miles won’t kill you but it will cut carbon pollution by a significant amount.


Buy A Horse


No, you have not gone back in time to the Wild West. Walking is perfect but some journeys are too far. Rather than turning on the engine, though, you can take a non-polluting form of transport such as a horse. These animals are legal and have as much right to be on the roads as any vehicle. And, they are quicker than taking a hike, although probably less comfortable! Building a stable means you can choose this option whenever the moment arises, which may often be the case. Be sure to get rid of the excrement for more eco-friendly brownie points.


Convert The Engine


If you have to drive, don’t accept the car’s current settings. Yes, the manufacturer may say it only runs on unleaded or diesel fuel, but that is changeable. The trick is to find a mechanic or an engineer that understands the process. That way, you can use fuel alternatives such as vegetable oil, which has nowhere near the same impact. Should this be a problem, opt for a higher quality of petrol at the pump. Most stations have labels such as ‘premium’ or ‘super’ and they promote fuel-efficiency. The less fuel you burn, the better it is for the planet.


Change The Car


Diesel engines are out of the question now because they are painfully destroying the planet. However, some models are pretty helpful regarding the environment. We all know about the Toyota Prius, one of the first hybrid cars of a generation. Nowadays, there is a range of electric motors, from the Renault Zoë to the Nissan Leaf and Volvo XC40. Supercar enthusiasts can purchase a Tesla, but not the one that is currently in space. Bringing it back wouldn’t help Mother Nature one bit!


When you think about it, what can you do to lower your car’s carbon emissions?


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