How To Get Started With Upcycling Furniture

Thinking about getting into upcycling Here’s a handy guide to help you on your way!


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How to get started with upcycling furniture


So: you’ve yet to jump on the upcycling bandwagon and feel like it might now be time. Perhaps you’ve bought a new home and would love to fill it with unique items that’ll fit with your colour scheme, or you just want to start a new hobby. You could even get the kids involved and make it a family activity!

Here’s a checklist to get you started on your maiden voyage to upcycling:


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Make a plan

Start small. Even if you love the idea of a huge upcycled wardrobe beautifully designed with pastel coloured chalk paint, it’s best to start small to get a feel for the demands of the work and keep costs low before going full steam ahead on the big project. Check out Pinterest and design blogs for inspiration and decide exactly what you’re going to do and exactly what equipment you need to do it. Only once you’ve got your plan should you start purchasing your piece of furniture, tools and paint. Going ahead without a plan could result in getting carried away and buying a large collection of paints without knowing what to do next.


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Get hold of some second hand furniture

It’s easy to find pre-loved furniture online. Take a look around local car boot sales, online marketplaces for your town, and of course the big buying/selling sites like eBay and Gumtree. Check your local area for furniture schemes, too – some areas sell donated furniture for very low costs so it’s worth paying them a visit.
Don’t be put off if the seller can’t deliver the item – you can always use Shiply to get it home so you don’t have to say no to a piece of furniture you’ve fallen in love with. You might want to start with a small stool to see if upcycling is something you enjoy and to get your head around what’s involved.


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Think about the space you need

If you’ve got space to designate a small area of your home to this project, this’ll prevent you having to pack everything away each time you make any progress. Of course it isn’t always possible to have your own furniture studio, so if your space is limited you might need to set aside extra time for tidying up as well as time to actually get some upcycling done. If you’re doing a lot of messy work, you might find that working outside works best for you (this is a weather dependent option of course!) or you might have somewhere like a shed where you can keep all your equipment together.


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Have fun!

All you need to do now is follow your plan and enjoy! If you’re involving children, try to tailor sessions so that they stay engaged. You might want to do all the pre-painting work done like sanding before letting them loose with a paintbrush, so you’re not risking any injuries and avoiding any loss of interest too quickly. That said, I bet they’d love to sand by hand!


Are you trying to get into upcycling? Let us know about your projects in the comments!


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