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How Looking After The Environment Helps You Look After Your Wallet Too

If you would like to make your home greener and reduce the carbon footprint of your household, small changes can make a huge difference, and you can save money at the same time. From choosing where you buy your food to adjusting your diet and your lifestyle, you can make changes that will not only give you a sense of achievement, but also reduce your spending long term. Find out more below.

The Cleaning Stuff

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You don’t have to be allergic to toxins and chemicals to decide to switch to natural cleaning products. If you have someone with allergies or asthma in the house, the choice will be obvious, but you can also reduce your monthly shopping bill if you consider the proven natural cleaning products, which are much cheaper, such as bicarbonate soda, vinegar, and simple hot water or steam. You can protect your help and your loved ones’, while keeping your house clean and germ free on a budget.

Clothing Choices

Many people who are environmentally conscious believe that the greatest contributor to greenhouse gases is the meat industry. It is crucial that you buy locally sourced food and avoid meat when you can, but buying new clothes when you don’t need them instead of upcycling used items is just as bad as eating meat. The cotton industry is one of the greatest polluters of the world, and buying the latest items and throwing away your old clothes will encourage production. In the unlikely event you do need to buy something brand new, dealsplanet help you save money.

Food We Eat

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You might already know about the impact of cattle and poultry on the environment and the land quality, but do you really know the carbon footprint of what you are eating every day? Choosing to buy at your local farm shop instead of buying from your supermarket to get better prices on packaged vegetables that traveled hundreds, if not thousands, of miles will encourage large manufacturers to keep on producing bulk food items with a huge waste ratio. You can grow many fruit and vegetables locally; in your greenhouse or on a small shared plot, making your home and menus more sustainable. There is a reason why vegan catering is becoming popular among Millennials. Buying just as much as you need will also help you save money.


Our transport choices also have an impact on our household’s carbon footprint. It is important that you choose the cleanest and least polluting form of transport when going to work or visiting friends. A bike will not only keep you fit and help you avoid traffic, but also cost close to nothing to run, and you will be able to avoid polluting the air around you. If you cannot cover the distance on a bike, you can opt for an electric scooter you can recharge using solar batteries, or use public transport.

If you want to live a greener life and do your bit for the environment, you might even be able to save money on things you buy, eat, and use every day.

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