How Lottoland is helping clean up our oceans

One of my earliest memories was watching the lottery on a Saturday at my grandmother’s growing up. Once it was over it was bedtime, which meant walking up the hill to my dad’s house. I would always grumble at not being allowed to watch Casualty with the grown-ups!

These days there’s a different lottery everywhere you look and although I haven’t played any for quite some time I have been partial to them in the past. I like the fact that the money raised from them can be used for social good, so when I found out that Lottoland were cleaning up our oceans with their new Win-Win Charity Lotto I was very interested indeed.

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The problems our oceans are facing

We’ve all seen photos and videos over the last few years of poor sea creatures stuck in plastic bags. One of my sons’ school at home projects during lockdown was to create a poster about saving turtles from plastic waste! But plastic waste in our oceans isn’t the only issue. Melting glaciers, air pollution, overfishing and polluted runoff all pose a threat to marine life. It’s clear that the threat our oceans are facing are a man-made problem, and they need all the help they can get.

Photo by Cristian Palmer on Unsplash

How the Win-Win Charity Lotto will help

Out of the four charities that the Win-Win Charity Lotto supports, two in particular help deal with plastic waste in the ocean – Keep Britain Tidy and The Marine Conservation Society. Keep Britain Tidy runs an ocean clean-up programme called the Ocean Recovery Project, and The Marine Conservation Society works to minimise damage to our ocean ecosystems from development, waste and climate change. 20p from every bet placed will be divided equally between four charities, so each charity involved will get 5p each, or 5% of the bets placed.

About the charities

Lottoland have chosen four great charities to benefit from the Win-Win Charity Lotto and all of them have a big impact on British lives. Here’s a little bit more about them:

British Red Cross

The British Red Cross are part of a global volunteer network – responding to emergencies, conflicts and natural disasters. They support vulnerable people across the UK including refugees, asylum seekers, those facing destitution and people experiencing loneliness. Kindness is at the heart of everything they do.

Hospice UK

Hospice UK is the national charity for hospice and palliative care. They ensure adults and children living with terminal or life-shortening illnesses get the care and support they need, as well as providing bereavement support to over 70,000 people a year. They manage over 200 hospices across the UK. They’re currently campaigning to end the inequalities faced by groups including the LGBTIQA+ community, certain faith groups, Gypsies and Travellers, prisoners and the homeless in end of life care.

Keep Britain Tidy

Keep Britain Tidy is a leading environmental charity in the UK. They have three main goals: eliminating litter, reducing waste and improving public spaces. Their initiatives include Eco-Schools, the Great British Spring Clean, the Blue Flag/Seaside Awards and the Ocean Recovery Project. This year’s Great British Spring Clean was postponed until September – if you want to get involved you can join me in signing up here.

The Marine Conservation Society

The Marine Conservation Society works to prevent damage to our oceans from climate change, development, litter and pollution. They work with governments, communities and businesses to fight for a cleaner, healthier ocean with people-powered action at the core of everything they do.

About the Win-Win Charity Lotto

One bet on the Win-Win Charity Lotto costs £1, with 20p going to charity. You choose five numbers and a bonus number for a chance to win up to £250,000. There are three draws a week taking place every Monday, Wednesday and Friday. You can enter every draw automatically by setting up a weekly subscription (although in my opinion that takes away the fun part).

Always gamble responsibly and safely. Be Gamble Aware.

If you’d prefer to donate directly to the charities, you can do so here: British Red Cross (regular donation), Hospice UK (regular or one-off donation), Keep Britain Tidy (regular or one-off donation), The Marine Conservation Society (regular or one-off donation).

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