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How to Make Your Wardrobe More Environmentally Friendly

Want to look good and lead a sustainable, environmentally friendly lifestyle?


It’s impossible, right? Because as soon as you decide to be more responsible with your life choices, you should also resign yourself to a life of questionable chunky knit jumpers. 


Of course, this is not the case. There are lots of ways to stay stylish and continue to enjoy a more sustainable life. Here are a few ideas.


Think Carefully About the Materials You Choose


Plastic is having a big moment and we are all becoming much more aware of how this material can be used – and where it might be avoided. Though there are some plastics that are really difficult to avoid, you might be surprised by the number of products where plastic can be replaced with other materials.


Synthetic materials have been shown to release microfibers in the washing machine which will almost inevitably end up in other waterways and the ocean. By choosing natural materials, you will help to avoid some of this pollution. However, this isn’t always possible so you might like to get a filter for your washing machine so you can remove the fibres yourself.


Buy Classics That You’ll Wear Forever


Disposable fashion is another problem that is damaging to the environment. Though cheap clothes might be great in the short term and allow you to follow the latest fashions, the manufacturing process takes up a lot of energy and throwing clothes away after just a few wears is obviously going to create more waste.


Instead of replacing your whole wardrobe every season, try to look out for the pieces that will last you for a long time. Some items have timeless charm and, though you might have to spend more to get the quality you need, if you factor in cost per wear (divide the money spent by the number of wears) it will probably work out cheaper. This works for the whole wardrobe from your socks to your glasses – choosing the right frame for your glasses and then just changing the lenses to suit your prescription is a brilliant place to start.


Choose Sustainable Brands


Figuring out which brands are sustainable will take a lot of work but lucky for us, our favourite eco warrior, Emma Watson has created a list for you to get some inspiration. Finding sustainable clothes isn’t just about the right materials, it is also about sustainable manufacturing processes, reducing environmental impact from source to wardrobe.


Again, choosing these brands might be more expensive in the short term but, if you are going to get more wears out of them, then it is worth the extra time saving up. Plus, the more people get behind sustainable brands, the more likely it is that others will follow and hopefully the price tag will be reduced over time.


Being environmentally friendly in all areas of your life is a challenge but with a few swaps, you can make a real difference. The key is not to put pressure on yourself to do it all at once!


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