My Dream Green Home

My dream green home, in all its imaginary glory.


What does your dream home look like? Are you rural, or in the city? Like me, do you browse houses you probably can’t afford on estate agent websites? As I browse, I figure out what I want and don’t want in a house. I want a house where we feel safe and secure. Where we feel happy and warm. A house that reflects our values as a family.


Today I’m going a step further and jotting down exactly what my dream green home will look like, so I know exactly what I need to make my dream home a reality. Some extra income, for starters!


A big house with a lovely garden

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My Dream Green Home


So, my dream home: it would be near Glastonbury or Trowbridge. We would have 5 bedrooms, and a study/office. It would be big enough to have family stay, but small enough to still feel cosy. A safe place where we could love, entertain, and have a pretty great life. What does a house like that look like?




One of the first things I’d consider, naturally, is how my dream home was powered. It would have solar PV with a battery and probably solar thermal too if I had enough roof space! My home would be built to Passivhaus standard – meaning we would need only passive sources of heat to regulate its temperature. We would have an electric car charging point (let’s face it, if we can build our own house we’d have a Prius or a Leaf) and of course we would stick with our current green energy supplier Good Energy as a backup. Mixergy Hot Water Tank installers My Plumber would sort me out with a green heating system, should I need it.


an aerial shot of a building with solar panels

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My home will be a green haven, and a safe one too. These days, CCTV is a must. Close friends of mine have been victims of theft and one even came home to her house on fire. Not only that, but as a survivor of domestic violence, I am keen to have that extra layer of reassurance for my own benefit.




I love to cook, and the kitchen would definitely be the heart of my home. Being a blogger, I’d want my kitchen to be Pinterest perfect: a light, airy space that was perfect for filming recipes. There would be space for a desk and laptop too: the kids often sit in the kitchen with me and practice their maths while I’m washing up or cooking. It’s often my favourite part of the day. I would love for it to be a second hand kitchen – the less we have to buy new, the better.



Zero waste


We will have a grey water system and at least one composting loo (which don’t smell). The gutters will go straight into a water butt. We will have a hot composting bin, which will take care of our food waste. I don’t know what solution I’d have for the other kinds of waste other than gradually phasing them out in favour of zero-waste alternatives, which I am already doing!




Although I was starting to try and grow my own food before I met him, Ian is the grow-your-own king of this castle. My guess is he’d want a big polytunnel or greenhouse and plenty of space to grow food. I would want somewhere private to relax in the garden – a place to read a book in peace, drink tea or meditate without the neighbour, postman or random passer-by stop for a chat. The kids would probably love a treehouse or other den-like thing, maybe with an old-school rope swing.


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What does your dream home look like? Let me know in the comments!


My Dream Green Home - What does your dream home look like? I plan out my dream green home, right down to energy generation and zero waste strategies.


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