Nurturing Your Seedlings: Getting Your Kids To Love Your Garden

Get your kids into gardening with these simple tips.


Sometimes, it can be a challenge to get your kids out of their bedrooms, let alone to go outside for some much-needed fresh air and vitamin D. However, regular exercise and time outside are crucial to your family’s health and wellbeing, and it can become something everyone enjoys (even if it is a little bit chilly). The best way to encourage those little legs to get out in their garden is to make it an appealing place to be, full of interest, intrigue, and fun things to do. Therefore, it’s worth thinking about how to improve your backyard space so that your kids can grow up with a natural love for the outdoors and nature, and pass it on to the generation after them.


Whether your outdoor space is big or small; there are a variety of things you can do to improve and enhance it, and something that will suit an array of budgets. Get the kids involved in the process so that they’ll have a vested interest in the environment, and start discussing what they’d like to utilise their garden for, whether that’s encouraging wildlife, growing plants and vegetables, or building somewhere to play and use their imagination. Whatever you choose to do to your garden as a family; there’s no better time than right now, just before spring arrives, to get to work. The following are some ideas, inspiration, and advice for parents who want their kids to love their outside environment just as much as they do, and are willing to improve the space to make it happen.



Neaten the edges


Aesthetics and safety can play a huge part in the suitability of your garden for your little ones, so it’s crucial that you prioritise cleaning and sprucing up the space. Replace any broken fencing, paving, and pots, and make sure that there’s no debris or large splinters left lying around that could potentially harm your kids. One bad experience when they’re little may discourage them from enjoying the garden in the future! Sweeping up leaves and picking up toys, twigs, and other bits with your kids is a tidying process; so make it into a fun game, like a race, and you’ll be surprised at the speed of the transformation. Once there is a clean, clear, and tidy environment; your kids will see the potential in the space, and they’ll be outside before you know it.


Things To Enjoy


Now that the garden is safe, secure, and tidy; it’s time to enjoy filling it with a variety of things that will tempt your kids out there. Therefore, it’s worth taking a trip to your nearest garden centre with your little ones and discovering the sorts of (low-maintenance) things they’d like to grow and nurture. Perhaps you could treat them to some child-sized gardening equipment, some seeds, and a pot; giving them a project will allow them to have fun and learn in the meantime. Discuss encouraging nature and wildlife, and invest in a bird or hedgehog house; they’ll love the idea of heading outside to check on the potential new animal residents. Bird tables and baths are also a great way to excite your kids, and there’s no harm in naming those regular visitors. Whatever you all choose to do; keep the kids at the heart of the process, and they’ll begin to love and appreciate the garden just as much as you do.


Are you getting into the garden with your kids this Spring? Let me know in the comments!


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