Portafina Survey Gives Insight into Health Consciousness of Millennials

Have you ever wondered how active millennials are and what this looks like in comparison to older generations? Portafina surveyed 2,000 people in both age groups in a bid to answer this question. The results give some insight into just how health conscious and active both of these generations are.


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Here is what the data concluded:

Millennials seem to be less health conscious, especially when compared to over 50s. In respect to recognising the importance of a healthy lifestyle and reaping the benefits of it, only 16% of under 30s can say they do so. On the other hand, 33% of over 50s recognised the importance of leading a healthy lifestyle.


When it comes to how both generations exercise, millennials or under 30s seemed to be keener on working out in the gym and partaking in indoor as opposed to outdoor activities. While 26% of baby boomers preferred to exercise outdoors, only 10% of millennials reported having the same preference. This could be because of how popular technology has become and the impact gadgets and mobile phones have on the way people spend their leisure time.



Having said that, millennials do seem to be more inclined to exercise in the gym seeing as 32% of under 30s had a gym membership in comparison to just 10% of over 50s. There could be a number of reasons for this major difference which include older generations being used to more traditional ways of staying active like walking, for instance. To support this, Portafina’s data found that 8.5 % over 50s walk more than 10,000 steps a day.

On the contrary, under 30s seem to lead more of a sedentary lifestyle with 17.5% of them not being as active throughout the day. This could be because life is so technology focused and doesn’t demand as much mobility than it once may have. If you think about it, just about anything can be done on a computer, phone, or tablet whether it be playing games, performing work tasks or paying bills.


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Only 7% of millennials are found to be active every day whereas 18% of over 50s are active on a daily basis. It could be implied that millennials see physical activity as more of an option than part of their lifestyle. Seeing as 30% of millennials exercise specifically to reduce stress as opposed to for maintaining a healthy lifestyle, this may be the case.

One of the aspects of health consciousness that can be linked to younger generations is the need to plan for retirement and ensure healthy finances. More than 35% of those born in generation Z see pensions as standard with their first job and feel it’s more important than other benefits such as technology. Seeing as pensions are a way of securing finances for later years, it can help create a sense of security and improve the chances of a good quality of life after retirement. To find out more about how you can secure your financial future, you should follow Portafina via Facebook.


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No matter what generation you’re in, health consciousness is essential. It is a crucial aspect of your wellbeing which consists of healthy finances, good physical health and mental stability.

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