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Should Everyone Commute On Electric Mopeds?

As anyone that endures a daily commute will know, not only is it the most tiring start to the day but it’s also a costly addition to your monthly outgoings. Those aren’t the only downsides to the dreaded commute however. Just take a look at any news outlet, be it TV or publication and you’ll see one of the biggest issues we’re currently facing is pollution. Our environment is on the decline in terms of air quality and more but this is nothing new. What is new however, is the way this issue is being tackled. 

If you’re a regular commuter into London for instance, you’ll know the Ultra Low Emission Zone (ULEZ) is doing its bit to reduce heavily polluting vehicles from entering the city centre. Fast-forward to 2021 and the ULEZ zone will have expanded further to the North Circular, encompassing a much larger area. Other cities will soon be following suit and ensuring a reduction in the use of polluting vehicles in a bid to help our environment regain its strength. While the comfort of a petrol or diesel run car is something many of us love on our commute, the damage they do to our environment is like nothing else and the only way forward is without a doubt electric.

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Electric Mopeds: The Affordable Option

While it’s no secret that we’d all love the money to travel to and from our place of work in the grandeur of a Tesla, the financial aspect of such a vehicle makes it virtually impossible for the vast majority us. Throw in the difficulty of parking a car in the city, along with the hassle of having to sit in hours of traffic during rush hour and even the practicality of an electric car gets called into question. So what is the answer? An electric moped of course.

Designed as the perfect alternative to petrol powered bikes, the environmentally friendly electric moped is the option for everyone. Releasing no emissions and costing pennies in comparison to a regular moped to charge, they are the best option for those commuting into work on a daily basis. Not only do they allow you to escape things such as congestion charges and ULEZ charges but they’re also incredibly easy to park and navigate the heavily congested city roads. What’s more, they’re so much more affordable than electric/hybrid cars, which seem to have an ever mounting price tag. 

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Electric Mopeds Are The Commuters Dream

To give you a much clearer idea as to why we believe everyone should commute on electric mopeds, here’s the ultimate rundown of benefits you could expect to enjoy when using one of these incredible electric vehicles.

  • No road tax required
  • Extremely low costs to run
  • More affordable to purchase than electric cars
  • Easy to store and park
  • Less maintenance thanks to no engine
  • Escape congestion and ULEZ charges
  • Slash your monthly commuting charges
  • Filter traffic safely and reduce commuting time
  • Produce zero emissions
  • Batteries can be recycled – less burden on our landfill sites

With so many benefits, the question really is why wouldn’t you use an electric moped on your commute? And we really can’t think of an answer to that question. 

With that in mind, if you’d like to find out more about electric mopeds and how they can become a part of your daily commute, then we suggest you take a look at the incredible range available from E Rider. It’s fair to say these guys know their stuff when it comes to electric motorbikes, scooters and mopeds and as one of the UK’s leading suppliers, their quality vehicles only emphasise their expertise within the field. With models starting from just £1,495 in their summer sale, taking your commute electric and doing your bit for the environment has never been so affordable. 

If you’d like more information on electric mopeds and what you need to get you started, simply contact E Rider today on 01928 583030. These guys have not only the knowledge surrounding electric bikes but also the first class service to match. Rest assured, with E Rider you’ll be in safe hands. 

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