What’s all this about a new subscriber’s vault then? I hear you ask.


The subscriber’s vault is a way to thank the people who subscribe to my blog by giving them free resources related to the things you see on the blog.


At least once a month, I’ll create an extra related to one of my newest posts and add them to the Vault. The people who subscribe to my blog can download these resources as many times as they want, for free.


What resources you can expect.


Most of my resources will be fillable PDFs: PDFs you can fill in on your computer. There’s no need to print, but you will be able to print them before or after filling them in should you choose to.


You can expect shopping lists, exclusive recipes, bonus content for my Facebook Live show (The Little Happy Journal Live) and more.


How do I get in?


Subscribe to my blog using the form below and I’ll send you the password. Easy!


A final request.


Please do not share my exclusive content or the password to the Vault. Anybody caught doing this will be removed from my list and the password will be changed. Don’t be the one that spoils it for everyone – nobody likes that guy!


Already have the password? The vault is over here.


Get your exclusive upgrades now.


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