upcycled halloween decor

Spooktacular Upcycled Halloween Decorations

These eco-friendly, upcycled and vegan Halloween decorations from Etsy put the “spook” in spooktacular!

It’s October, which means over the last few weeks shops everywhere have been bringing out cheap, plastic tat by the masses in the hope that they’ll make a few pounds. Largely, this works!


small pumpkin

Look at the cute little pumpkin! Photo by Yulia Chinato on Unsplash


When I was a teenager, my mum would throw a big Halloween party every year. Although all of the decorations were well looked after, there was a lot of plastic. Most of the decorations (well, the ones that still worked) were later given to my Aunt, who’s daughter was born on October 31st.


It’s been just a few years since then but already I’ve seen a deterioration in the quality of spooky goods available. It’s far better for our planet to avoid the cheap stuff completely. If like me you love celebrating Halloween but don’t have time to make lots of upcycled decorations of your own, this is the post for you!


ghost latte art

Two of my favourite things in one picture… photo by Toa Heftiba on Unsplash


Upcycled Halloween Decorations on Etsy.


A quick search on Etsy shows that there are loads of upcycled Halloween decorations available from British sellers. These are local people making things out of items that would find their way to landfill otherwise. This is something to be celebrated! I’ve picked out a few items that stand out for me. All of them are gorgeous, planet friendly and affordable.


upcycled halloween decorations


Upcycled Hanging Decorations for Halloween.


There are loads of different styles of bunting and wreaths available, upcycled from books and scrap fabric.


vintage bat illustration, printed on vintage dictionary page


This gorgeous vintage bat illustration is printed on the pages of a dictionary from the 1800s, and will never look out of place in your Halloween decor collection.


upcycled clay baubles


These clay baubles are adorned with broken brooch pieces and ribbon – perfect for a grown-up, Gothic approach to Halloween.


book page pinwheel bunting black cream says happy halloween


This beautiful pinwheel bunting is made from upcycled book pages and paper doilies. I think it would look perfect above a buffet table full of hot, seasonal vegan food.


black and red wreath made out of different kinds of upcycled fabric


This gothic hanging wreath is made from fabric scraps. Eco-friendly yet absolutely gorgeous, this is upcycled Halloween decoration could be used all Autumn long! The seller makes wreaths with all kind of colours.


Other Upcycled Halloween Decorations.


Halloween decorations aren’t just for walls, they’re for everywhere else too! These decorations will look great on tables, shelves or sofas… even the floor! My favourite has the be the fruit bat cushion. It’s so beautifully designed!


skull folded book for halloween


Folded books are all the rage right now, with all sorts of designs cropping up. This skull folded book is made from a pre-loved book, so you know that your decoration isn’t having a negative impact on our planet. It’s easily stored too!


halloween tin can lanterns


These tin can lanterns are as effective as they are simple. Pop in an LED tealight and nestle them in the garden or around  your home.


witches potion bottles


These upcycled potion bottles would be lovely as part of a porch or entryway design. Be careful not to let children play with them as the seller does warn the design can chip.


ghost painted green wine bottle with led lights inside


These ghost wine bottle lights are fun to look at and perfect if your party has a more child-friendly vibe. It comes with the lights included and the seller does several different designs!


steampunk mummy made our of upcycled materials


This steampunk mummy is so cute! She has a weighted bottom (haven’t we all?) so she won’t fall over, and she’s 13cm tall. She is one of a kind but the seller does different designs too. She’s excellent value for the size of her, and TBH I’m tempted to snatch her up myself!


rodrigues fruit bat cushion, bats on a tree branch at night


This gorgeously illustrated Rodrigues fruit bat cushion would be an amazing addition to any Halloween collection. You can buy it with or without an inner. It’s made from vegan suede and uses eco-friendly inks.



If you do have time for Halloween crafts? Michelle over at The Purple Pumpkin Blog has loads of Halloween crafts for children on her blog. Go and check her out!


Which upcycled Halloween decoration was your favourite? Do you have a number one Halloween craft? Let me know in the comments!

upcycled halloween decorations

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