10 Easy Steps For Cleaner Air || #NationalCleanAirDay

On 15th June people up and down the country are pledging to make changes to their lifestyle for cleaner air. Air pollution is bad for us and our children: increasing the risk of asthma, certain cancers and cardiac conditions. Read on to find out about how you can help on the first-ever National Clean Air Day.

10 Easy Steps For Cleaner Air

  1. Walk, cycle or use public transport. Perhaps the most obvious way to keep the air in our cities and towns cleaner is by keeping the car at home and using a more efficient form of transport. The GIF below shows just how clearer our roads would be if more people left the car at home and started using the bus. If you could walk the roads would be even clearer!
  2. Switch to a renewable energy supplier like Good Energy. It’s no secret that dirty fossil fuels pollute our air. However, not all energy companies use fossil fuels. I’m with Good Energy and there are several more. Some energy companies even have prepayment options. My bills haven’t really moved since switching so I’ve taken pollution from the air at no extra cost!
  3. Reduce your energy consumption. Whether you can switch or not, reducing your energy consumption is a good way to go.
  4. Fight food waste. To get to the supermarket, food has to go from the supplier to the distribution centres. Then they go to the supermarkets. Most of this journey will have been taken in big, dirty HGVs. To save on unnecessary journeys, write a meal plan, eat your leftovers and don’t buy more than your family needs. Love Food Hate Waste is a great website full of tips to help you get started.food
  5. Compost your leftovers. When you do have leftovers, consider composting them rather than sending them out in the food waste to be burned. Bonus points awarded for using the compost to grow food you’d have otherwise bought in a supermarket!
  6. Use drop-off points for your deliveries. When you order small goods online, choose a convenient pick-up point to pick up your items from. Maybe there’s a pick-up point on the school run or near the office. These help keep our air cleaner by having one point to deliver many items to: without them, a journey to each home would have to be made. Check for your pick-up point when choosing your delivery option.
  7. Turn off your engine when your car is idle. Of course, this has the added bonus of saving you money: if you’re going to be stuck in traffic for more than a few moments, turning off your engine will reduce emissions and prevent wasted fuel.electric car
  8. Upgrade to an electric car. If you must have a car, an electric car powered by your renewable energy supplier is about the greenest you’re going to get! Electric cars are on the rise and they’re getting more and more affordable.
  9. Make sure your car and boiler work properly. By servicing your car and boiler on a regular basis, you’re making sure that all components are working in the most efficient way.
  10. Buy second hand. This is quite an easy adjustment to make and often overlooked. Buying second hand prevents new resources from being used and as second hand items often stay local, the transport miles will be reduced too. I love eBay and Cex for second hand goods.

Get involved with National Clean Air Day.

Help us reduce air pollution by taking action on National Clean Air Day, 15th June. Here’s what you can do to help:

  • Take a pledge
  • Talk about air pollution
  • Join the Thunderclap
  • Get the school involved

What are you pledging? How else can you get cleaner air? Let me know in the comments below.

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