seven free ways to increase your fitness

7 Free Ways to Increase Your Fitness This New Year

Already given up on that gym membership? Fear not…


January is a busy month for gyms. Many people want to lose weight or increase their fitness at this time of year. However, most people who join a gym in January don’t last the year. This results in expensive gym memberships being wasted. Don’t be that guy – try these five simple tips to boosting your fitness without using a gym. If all else fails, you can join a gym later in the year or find a gym that takes pay per use.


Seven Free Ways To Increase Your Fitness This New Year.


Increasing your fitness doesn’t have to be hard, it doesn’t have to cost money and it doesn’t have to massively interfere with your time. Will you get fitter if you do harder things? Probably. And it’s not to say I don’t enjoy going to the gym – I do. But if you want to increase your fitness, especially if (like me) you’re not spectacularly fit to begin with, then fitting things around your day might be easier to stick with in the long run.



Try some free exercise videos.


Exercising in the comfort of your own home can help beat some of the initial self-consciousness that many of us feel. I love Blogilates, but other popular fitness YouTube channels include POPSUGAR and FitnessBlender.


Walk everywhere.


It’s so obvious I feel like I shouldn’t even be typing this. Leave the car at home and walk the school/work run. Too far to travel? Walk to a bus stop. Don’t stop there – why not use Ecosia to search for walking groups in your area?


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Take up running.


Walking not enough for you? No problem – pick up the pace with running! Check out ParkRun – free, timed running groups that are popping up all over the country. If going alone is more your style, there are loads of free and cheap running apps available. My favourite has to be Zombies, Run! It takes running to the next level by turning it into a zombie filled adventure game. Collect supplies and protect your township. Don’t let the zombies catch you!


Dig for fitness.


It’s a common misconception that there’s nothing to do in the garden during the winter months. This is a good time to weed the garden if the soil is soft enough. Other tasks include  preparing garden beds, pruning and repairing your gardening equipment.


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Find some home gym equipment.


People often buy home fitness equipment with the intention of it being a part of their routine for months. A few weeks later, it ends up being stuffed in the back of a cupboard. Ask your friends and family if they have any home fitness equipment they are willing to part with this year. If that fails, you could try Freecycle or similar. If all else fails, you could try eBay for cheaper, gently used gym products.


Find like-minded people.


Finding like-minded souls who will hold you to account is one of the best things you can do for your fitness or any other goal. It doesn’t even have to be people you know personally: there are Facebook communities such as Kate and Chloe’s Best Boot Forward group.


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Plank every morning


Hold a plank for as long as you can every morning. Add in another every evening for maximum benefit! If you don’t know how to plank, it’s easy – lock your hands together and place your forearms on the floor. Bring your weight onto your toes, keeping your body straight for as long as you can. Aim to beat your previous time every day!


No matter how you decide to increase your fitness, it works better with a friend. Share this post with the friend you want to share your fitness journey with t!


If, like me, you don't want to spend lots of money on a gym membership you won't use after January, then this is the post for you! This post lists seven easy ways to increase your fitness. These tips and exercises are perfect for beginners.


Pictures by Dominik Wycislo and Abigail Keenan.


  1. Great suggestions Lauren! I also just read a post about doing yoga at home by watching an instructor on a YouTube channel and I’m going to try that too!

    1. Author

      There’s a yoga instructor in Cardiff doing a Yoga January challenge for beginners on Facebook right now. I’m trying to follow it, although it’s been hard since I’ve been back in work! Here’s the link to her page:

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