The Little Happy Journal #5

After a few hectic and trying weeks in June, I decided to start keeping a weekly journal of the little (and big!) things that make me happy. Have a dose of happiness, every Saturday.

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What has made me smile this week?

  1. Spending a very lazy Sunday doing nothing but recovering from a hectic week (and watching Game of Thrones until the sun came up- oops!).
  2. Meeting with some amazing bloggers and influencers at the Visit Cardiff/Wales Blog Network meeting on Monday.
  3. Catching up with Laura from Side Street Style (who I haven’t seen in person for years) after said meeting.
  4. Spending extra time with Ian after a job was cancelled at short notice. He made me lunch and coffee while I worked and gave me suggestions when the writer’s block began to strike! #BestFianceEver šŸ™‚
  5. Getting good feedback for the regular newsletter I write for Wales Green Party.
  6. Enjoying a vanilla americano at the coffee house I used to work at and catching up with some old work friends at the same time.
  7. Trading some of my old games in for two new ones I’d had my eye on for a while. This is a double happy moment. I get more space on my shelves AND I get to play new-to-me games on the PS4.
  8. Getting good feedback on my Summer Holiday Survival Guide from the lovely bloggers in Mamapreneur Revolution.
  9. Realising it’s almost Game of Thrones day – roll on 17/07/2017!
  10. Getting brilliant school reports for my sons and reflecting on how far my daughter has come since we took her out of school.

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One challenge I overcame.

Before picking up the boys from school on Friday afternoon, I logged on to Facebook. I browsed Twitter, checked my emails, took a cheeky peek at my blog stats (as you do). I shut my laptop down in the normal way (oh s***, look at the time!) and thought nothing more of it. I got the kids home and curled up on the sofa to rest my eyes while the children played. It had been a rough day, I’ve been under the weather for a couple of weeks and I was knackered.


“Mum, I’m hungry. What’s for tea?” (oh s***, look at the time!)

I wasn’t in the mood to cook. I turned on the laptop as normal and… nothing. No WiFi. My laptop wouldn’t even acknowledge that WiFi was an option, instead demanding an Ethernet cable. Even then, the connection was finicky. Tempers began to rise.

After some bickering, we managed to order a takeaway over the phone, like in the good old days. Funny how that wasn’t immediately obvious! My thoughts then turned to my blog. How would I get my posts online? What about the graphics? I rolled my sleeves up and got stuck in.

I remembered a recent Windows 10 update, so I did a system restore. Nothing. So I did an earlier system restore. Nothing. So I did a system reset, keeping all of my files. Still nothing!

Then I searched further online (mobile internet – phew!) and found a command prompt guide. After a very fast hour and some bad language I cracked it. I looked at the clock – 00:38.

(oh s***, look at the time!)spending time in nature


Three things Iā€™m looking forward to next week.

  1. The end of school! No more school runs until September. No more (well, much less) rushed mornings. Longer, lazier nights. Not being restricted by school hours or times. Basically living the life of a fully home educating family for 6 whole weeks.
  2. Having lots of fun with the family. We’ve got the UpFront Gardens planting workshop. The Big Splash. The Welsh Vegan Festival. This makes for a busy but FUN week.
  3. My new phone. I was supposed to get it a few weeks ago and the shop “lost” it, so I’m really hoping it’s found soon since I’m paying for the contract. Rhian is very much looking forward to my old phone.

What made you happy this week?

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