The Little Happy Journal #6

the little happy journal #6

After a few hectic and trying weeks in June, I decided to start keeping a weekly journal of the little (and big!) things that make me happy. Have a dose of happiness, every Saturday.


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What has made me smile this week?

  1. Spending a morning with the family, including two Great Aunts who were down from Scotland to visit Granny in hospital.
  2. Having a long cwtch with my baby nephew. He’s so cute!
  3. Spending some time with my 2yo niece. She’s getting so talkative now and it’s amazing to watch her exploring the world and learning new things as she copies what’s going on around her.
  4. Going to the Atma relaunch with Ian and the kids. It was such an amazing atmosphere and I’m so happy to see decent vegetarian and vegan food in Cardiff Centre.
  5. Creating a recipe for vegan pink slaw. I was worried I wouldn’t be able to get it right (there’s that self-doubt creeping in) but I got it right first time and the leftover veggies went to live in the freezer until the time comes to make them into soup.
  6. The release of Violife Halloumi. I’m not kidding! This has had me grinning from ear to ear and I’m picking some up later today. Look out for a review on the blog soon – Hallelloumi indeed!!
  7. A lazy Friday afternoon shopping with my fiance and daughter. We had coffee,bought some retro games, bought some toys and clothes from the charity shop (a dress in the window caught my eye) and then stopped off at Newport Market. The burgers from Sicily to Seattle were delicious as always!
  8. Great customer service is always a win! I messaged Simply V on Facebook to see if they’d have the Violife Halloumi and some other items at the Welsh Vegan Festival and although they won’t have the halloumi they offered to put everything else aside for us.
  9. Lovely cuddles with my sons, who are spending the first week of the summer holidays with their father.
  10. Seeing the plants starting to go for it in my garden. The sunflowers are loving the rain and some of the sweetcorn seem to have found their groove. Hopefully soon there will be lots of yummy food for the bees and for us!

vegan pink slaw

One challenge I overcame.

Public transport! I had to be at a meeting in Cardiff at 10am. It was quite a way from the city centre so while we wree on the train, Ian found directions to get us where we needed to be. Cardiff hasn’t had a proper bus station for quite a while, so it was a job even finding the bus stop we needed to be at. Eventually we managed to catch a bus (after the one we planned to catch was late), but I knew I’d be late by then. It’s quite hard staying calm in these situations! However, I managed it – I arrived 15 mins late but we dealt with it. In the end it wasn’t a big deal and we’ve figured out a more effective way to plan our journeys in future. Phew!


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Three things I’m looking forward to next week.

  1. The Big Cheese at Caerphilly Castle. Re-enactments, stalls from local businesses and lots of food.
  2. A week without rushed mornings or afternoons. Not being tied to the school run is going to be a very welcome change!
  3. Getting everything sorted for The Green Gathering – can you believe it’s almost here? :):):):)

What made you happy this week?

the little happy journal #6

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