The Little Happy Journal #8

the little happy journal

After a few hectic and trying weeks in June, I decided to start keeping a weekly journal of the little (and big!) things that make me happy. Have a dose of happiness, every Saturday.

green gathering bucket list

What has made me smile this week?

  1. Finding out that Granny is finally out of hospital!
  2. Having a lovely family day out at The Big Cheese.
  3. Spending some quality time with my youngest while the older children went to the childminders.
  4. Varying a massive batch of my Easy Vegan Vegetable Curry with awesome results.
  5. Spending some time in the garden, enjoying the plants and managing to take a photo of a butterfly.
  6. Having all five of our children (blended families, huh?) in one place at one time.
  7. Making copper jewellery with my children at Green Gathering.
  8. Serving a meal for all seven of us in the tent that I had prepared at home and realising just how much I love to cook. Giving your family wholesome, nutritious, tasty food really does warm the soul!
  9. Watching the boys chant “Nuclear power? F*** off!” after reading it on a sign at Green Gathering and remembering how awesome it felt to get away with the occasional swear.
  10. Seeing my pre-teen daughter relax and enjoy herself.

the big cheese

One challenge I overcame.

When we arrived at Green Gathering we were all soaked through and by the time we found a place to set up it was getting dark. We put up the tent by torchlight and spent the night getting dripped on as a result. The next morning, the howling winds took the central pole of our teepee style tent and hit me over the head with it, collapsing the tent on everyone inside.

That was it. I was done. I was ready to go home and sleep in my nice, warm bed.

We managed to get the central pole back in place and put extra tent pegs in to give the tent greater stability. Slowly, I warmed up and calmed down. My head hurt a little but there was no real damage. The younger ones found it hilarious! I was glad the pole hit me in the head and not them. The forecast said the weather was set to improve, and it did. I’m glad I stuck it out!

nuclear power green gathering


Three things I’m looking forward to next week.

  1. The tail end of the Green Gathering weekend.
  2. Coming home refreshed and revitalised.
  3. Developing a vegan recipe for Indigo Herbs.

What made you happy this week?


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