Have you lost your way? Do you wish you have the same zest for life you had before?


If you’re reading this, there’s a good chance you don’t enjoy life like you used to, you’re stressed and you feel like you’ve lost your way. I was that person too, once.



I want to enjoy life again


How mindfulness changed my life


A mother at 15 and homeless at 16, I went through life determined to provide for my daughter. A few years later, two sons followed and I was in a women’s refuge after my then partner attacked me because I was going to leave, leaving me with permanent facial scarring.   In 2014, I hit rock bottom. Homeless with three children, I realised that chasing the family ideal was not only harming me, but my children too. Something had to change, and I finally realised that change would start with me. I had heard of mindfulness before, and it was this that changed my course.   Fast forward to today: I’m running my own business, engaged to a wonderful man who respects me and I have three beautiful children who, slowly but surely, are leaving the strains of their past behind and growing into kind, thoughtful human beings.


The change will start with you.


I want to change my life


How To Enjoy Life is a 30-day intensive mindfulness journal that promises to change your outlook on life. Learn to be present, reframe the negatives and savour the day once again.

I will be the change


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