#BestBootForward 10

I’m putting my Best Boot Forward!


This last week has been weird. The snow is gone and the boys have gone back to school. I have had loads to catch up on, having not been able to get any work done (blogging or otherwise) in the latter half of last week. I have been knackered, having Caden off school for one day and sleeping in by almost 3 hours another (despite an early night). Yet somehow, I’ve managed to get almost everything done. It’s the last day of my “working week” now and today will be interrupted, but I know I’ll have time to catch up over the weekend.


Chloe’s question this week is a simple one, yet it is difficult to answer all the same. What does being a woman mean to me? Well, I’m not sure, having never been anything else! It’s hard to say which of my beliefs and behaviours are down to my gender. I grew up in an all-female household and only experienced sexism in school before adulthood. Being a woman, to me, was pretty much the same as being anything else. Now? I get less respect than the men I know in almost all areas of life. I am expected to do more than men, again in almost all areas of life. I am twice (technically three times) a survivor of domestic violence, all to men that I know wouldn’t dare behave that way to or in front of fellow men.


What have those gender-based hardships given me? Strength. Skill. The ability to multitask like crazy: running a household, a business, home educating a pre-teen and managing the school lives of my sons. I don’t personally know any men who can spin plates like I can. So what does being a woman mean to me as an adult? Being a woman means facing unjust hardship, picking myself up, giving two fingers to the world and owning life anyway.


Lose 12kg in a stable and healthy way


I’ve been sticking to the pilates calendar more recently and have been seeing much better results now. Not only on the scales, but how I look and feel. This month I’ve made a promise to keep on trying, and although I find the workouts hard on the day, I’m no longer feeling sore the next. The other big thing I’m working on this month is hydration. I think some of my previous weight loss has been water – I get absorbed in my work very easily and often forget to drink. I need to stay hydrated to be able to do everything I do and when I get very dehydrated (a couple of times a month) I feel ill, get lazy and order takeaways and stuff until I realise what the problem is and start drinking again. Needless to say, this has to change!




Sort and redecorate the house


This month I’m finishing off the living room (come hell or high water) and starting on the bathroom and WC. I’ve hired someone else to do the living room carpet, as promised last month. They’re coming today and it’s much cheaper than I expected! I think there’s something to be said for putting deadlines on a task. If it doesn’t get done, outsource to a local business! There are a few things still to be done in the living room but not much. Now that the bulk is done, I’m happy to focus on other areas of the house. This week I want to give both bathrooms a deep clean and choose the paint.



Have enough savings to cover bills for 6 months


Prodding people has worked! I haven’t been fully paid back, but I am now close(ish) to the two month mark once again. I need to rewrite the budget soon because some of the bills have changed and the children are all doing drama lessons now, but it feels so good to have the bank account balance at a more comfortable level. This week, I’m going to batch cook one or two meals so I can build up some “ready meal” reserves. I’m thinking cottage pie (pictured above) and probably a curry – both my go-to meals when I want to cook but not have to think a great deal.



Continue to reduce our impact on the planet as a family


Caden seems to have forgotten his longing for a tablet, so the money has stayed in his moneybox for the time being. A good job too, as this week I am concentrating on bringing down energy use in the home. Although we’re already powered by 100% renewable electricity, constant use of gadgets (or other electricals) still increases wear on those items and isn’t good for our bodies. Our energy statement was estimated a little high for both gas and electricity, so this week we are paying more attention to the length of our showers, reducing screen time and trying to keep the thermostat at 17c.


A manic, yet lovely week. How has yours been?



2 thoughts on “#BestBootForward 10

  1. You are such an inspiration having had few advantages in life it seems to me except being born with a feisty mind and some self-belief that has carried you forward through the most challenging times. I may well write a post on the negatives of being a woman myself at some point but not today as struggling a bit today.
    I am rubbish at keeping hydrated so will team up with you on that one and you reminded me I experimented with pilates many moons ago so maybe I should look into that too.
    Love your commitment to making your home beautiful and well just generally you are fabulous!

    1. You flatter me *blushes*

      I have not done well on the hydration front this week. I just get so absorbed in my work that I forget to eat or drink!

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