#BestBootForward 15

When spinning plates begin to drop…


The past two weeks have been pretty, well… meh. The first weekend of the Easter holidays, I injured my back (I am STILL not sure how). I spent the next week mostly lying down, mostly in agony, mostly so off my face on painkillers that I couldn’t comprehend much at all, and thoroughly disappointed that “my half” of the Easter holidays was spent indoors despite it being gorgeous outside. I’m on my feet and getting back to it this week, so of course the sun is hiding. Of course.


This week, the proverbial continued to hit the fan. Tech issues swallowed nearly three days of my “catching up” week. The house is a mess. I’m very aware that not enough paid work is coming in. It’s been a nightmare, but I’m putting a line under it and regaining control, which makes Chloe’s questions this week very apt!




What areas of life do you feel you have mastered and have a good control over? In general, time/house/life management. It takes a lot of headspace to be a work at home mum who volunteers, home educates and does the school run. For the most part, I make it work: although it’s clear to me now that I have a little more to do so next time I have a bottleneck kinda week, I can just roll with it.

Could you delegate control of anything to others in your life? That’s a great question. I have a lot of catching up to do and not much time to do it in. I’ve hired a VA, Kelly Kemp of School Runs & Shopping Trolleys, to help me catch up on the blog end. I’m bribing my twelve-year-old to help with getting the house back in order. Ian has been cooking and I’ve also ordered a few *cough* more takeaways than normal *another cough*.

Feel free to enjoy this nerdy, GIF representation of me firing up all cylinders and getting back to owning TF out of life. This James can fall down, but by Gallifrey she knows how to get back up again.




Lose 12kg in a stable and healthy way


I’ve spent the last two weeks eating comfort food and lying down. Can we just not ask this week? For the week coming forward, I’m going to concentrate on being more mobile, perhaps doing some Pilates towards the end of the week if I feel up to it, and eating lots of healthy food while my body gets rid of the fat, sugar and salt I’ve been loading it with.


a green smoothie garnished with mint leaves on a slate coasted against a white background



Sort and redecorate the house


We have actually settled on paint and floor for the bathrooms! *faints* There was some bickering involved, and I may have said something along the lines of “you seem like you’re determined to disagree with everything I suggest!”. Domestic bliss, eh? I’m taking it easy this week, so I’ll just get the paint in ready.


the living room


Have enough savings to cover bills for 6 months


Business wise, I don’t have enough coming in to make a profit. The good news is, taking a red pen to the budget at the start of the year means my balance has been increasing anyway – I’m finally at the two month mark again! I had three months worth when the last tax credit investigation decimated my savings, so I’m not out of the woods. Lo and behold, CMS seem to have sorted my darling ex partner out and he is paying towards the upbringing of his children once again. I daren’t relax though, because let’s face it, I probably can’t count on that being a long-term thing. We also got the full deposit from our wedding venue back after postponing, so there’s that!


my budget planner


Continue to reduce our impact on the planet as a family


We’re doing quite well with the food waste, a lot less has been going out recently and it’s largely due to portion control and better storage. We’ve been in all week so probably haven’t done all that well on the energy front. We can’t win them all!


I’m ready to get back on the horse: how has your week been?

4 thoughts on “#BestBootForward 15

  1. sorry to hear you’ve had to postpone your wedding, but pleased to hear your ex is now paying up, although like you’ve said you need to be cautious in case he stops paying again. #bestbootforward

    1. We mutually agreed it would be irresponsible to start spending on a wedding before we’d rebuilt the rainy day fund. It’s upsetting, but it’s motivating me to save those pennies because that’s the next “big spend”! I can’t see the CMS payments lasting – they took over 7 months to sort him out and that’s hardly a deterrent, is it?

  2. So, lets summarise – despite being laid up for a week in agony and having all sorts of setbacks, you’ve still managed to progress towards your goals in many points and rise above the crap to simply get on with it. You are my hero, and I would like to be like you when I grow up! Seriously though, really in awe of your sheer capability even when things seem to go a bit wobbly. Thank you as always for joining up with #BestBootForward this week and every week and just being awesome. Much love to you and I hope you are feeling better. Take it easy, don’t push yourself any more than is necessary too!

    1. This comment though 😍

      I’m feeling loads better now, and ready to get back to it! I love joining in with #BestBootForward, it keeps me accountable and the community is small but strong!

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