#BestBootForward 3

I’m putting my best boot forward!


Returning to the hum-drum routine of school runs and work has put a dent in my plans for world domination. By the time I get the boys home from school after working all day it’s been a never-ending cycle of washing up, cooking and “WILL YOU PLEASE STOP MAKING FART NOISES?”.


I never wanted to be the naggy mum but sometimes needs must! By the time my best friend came over to visit this weekend, I was ready to let my hair down… and let my hair down I did. One bottle of red wine and I’m-not-sure-how-many liqueurs later, I was put to bed with a glass of water and a sick bucket. Sunday was spent recovering, and a whole weekend of potential productivity was gone. Not that I mind – my maid of honour has wedding speech material and I got the mood boost that comes with spending time with people you love!


So this week it’s back to it. I’ll get stuff done, mostly because I’m keen to be sober for the rest of my life right now… or at least, the rest of the month. Almost the rest of the month. You know how it is! This vegan chilli really helped bring me out of that funk.


vegan chilli with sweet potato butter bean quinoa and tortilla chips in a red cast iron pot



Lose 12kg in a stable and healthy way


I haven’t started the yoga challenge again and to be honest the food diary has been a bit of a miss too. I had a (very drunken) sleepover with my best friend on the weekend and the diet went right out of the window. I probably consumed a day or two’s worth of calories in red wine and liqueur alone, not to mention the greasy hangover food the next day! I weighed Sunday and I’d gained some (about 0.3kg), but that wasn’t the usual time of day and I’d just eaten. I haven’t weighed again, I’m just taking it as a gain and getting on with it. While revamping a post on increasing your fitness I remembered some Pilates videos I used to follow on YouTube. I’m going to do this video this weekend, after we’ve gone to a vegan food event.




Sort and redecorate the house


The frames are back on the wall and have been straightened. I’m glad that the living room is finally looking like a living room again rather than a work-in-progress! I have a few prints I need to frame and get up on the wall, and my bookshelf is still looking worse for wear. Still, it’ll be easily sorted and I’m sure I’ll feel less rushed next week. I might even get the kids to help. This week it’s finishing the decluttering and deciding what prints I want in the living room nerdy corner.



Have enough savings to cover bills for 6 months


I’ve been able to finish the budget and have continued to badger the CMS. It looks like we are getting somewhere with that (albeit very slowly) and I have once again been reassured that things will be sorted, hopefully within the next 4 weeks. I’ve slashed bits here and pinched bits there to make sure the budget is as low as it possibly can be. When you can’t trust someone to pay up, just budget as though the money will never be there! If I stick to the budget, I should be able to hit my target by the end of the year, with a bit of leeway for birthdays etc. I have marked the next date I need to badger the CMS on in my diary. The next step for me is to roughly plan Rhian’s birthday gifts and party in March and to try and batch cook a bit more this week as I’ve gone over the grocery budget a few times recently.



Continue to reduce our impact on the planet as a family


We’ve got our final Fat Lama list and I’m starting to take photos ready to put on our Fat Lama profile this week. In the next few weeks I’m going to do a plastic audit so I want to prepare for that by putting something together I can print and fill in when we need to. You never know, it may end up in the vault!


A slightly slower week, but all in the name of my sanity. How has yours been?



10 thoughts on “#BestBootForward 3

  1. I love a good drunken weekend and am looking forward to one with my friend visiting soon too! Glad you got time to enjoy the good stuff, there’s nothing so soul affirming! Sounds like you’re totally on it with your finances which is great and if you could pass some of that capability over to me that’d be super! Haha! Let me know how Fat Lama goes for you as I have a barely used kitchen aid which I could probably rent out! Thanks once again for joining in with #BestBootForward

  2. The best journeys are long ones with interesting twist and turns. Letting your hair down and busy women is vital now and again however we choose to do that. You inspire people and being human too helps us take you seriously. Thanks so much for joining in with Best Boot Forward

  3. I really feel for you with the CMS, my ex refused to pay out for several years finally forcing me to take him to court for regular and back payments, because he was supposed to pay but didn’t I wasn’t entitled to any benefits so I really struggled as a single mum for the first 2 years of my son’s life, the only advantage was he never made any contact so couldn’t interfere with any decisions i made either #bestbootforward

    1. It’s a pain isn’t it? It’s the opposite with us, he’s refusing to pay but expects to be very much in control of everything else. Still, it will be sorted eventually. Apparently. Exes, eh?

  4. You have a lot of good goals and I like the idea to budget like you don’t get the CMS – then you’re ahead when u get what’s due. Very stressful though with war to get paid.

  5. A great post, your goals are fantastic. I also do a monthly goals post and find it really helps me focus and get more done. I’m hoping to save money this year and pay off some debts. I find meal planning before shopping really helps!

    1. Meal planning was the first thing I did when trying to save money, it really does help. Not just financially, but on the day when you don’t have to stare blankly into a half-empty fridge, haha!

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