#BestBootForward 6

I’m putting my Best Boot Forward!


Ugh. I really don’t like January, and February is only marginally better. Although I feel like I’m getting a lot done, I’ve spent the past two weeks with a cold. I almost get rid of it, then it comes back again! Last year I was like this for three months. So, I’ve slowed down. Dropped some things I couldn’t manage. Tried to strip back to the bare minimum.


Chloe’s questions this week have given me some food for thought. I guess most people would expect me to say that if I could only change one thing about the world, it would be how people treat our planet. They would be wrong. If that changed, homelessness would still be on the rise. Two women a week would still be killed by their partners or ex-partners in England and Wales. I would still be afraid to let my daughter walk alone at night.


People don’t have room to care for the environment when they’re struggling to put food on the table. They don’t have room when they fear for their safety. Caring for our planet is important, but equally important is the safety of vulnerable people. Equally important is the elimination of poverty. Maybe this is the political side of me coming out, but I would never be able to narrow it down to just one thing. Too much in the world is wrong.


Would I be a Suffragist or a Suffragette? I’m not really sure. The history books tell us that the Suffragettes won votes for women. I had to Google Suffragists just now! I suppose the answer lies in what my circumstances might be at the time. Would I still have three young children to look after? Fat lot of good I would be to them hunger striking in prison. Then again, I’ve never been what anyone would call “middle class”, so I doubt the Suffragists would have welcomed me. Like in the present day, we still have to balance family life with the issues that matter most to us. What I know is I do what I can, I strive to do more, and I’d be exactly the same if I was alive a century ago.


Lose 12kg in a stable and healthy way


Things have not gone entirely to plan! I’ve gained almost all of the weight I lost last month. I’m not exactly sure how, and Ian and my (brutally honest) son told me the other day I was looking thinner, but the scales aren’t showing it! It *could* be that muscle is heavier than fat, sure, but the past 2 weeks have been really busy and I haven’t been making the best choices. Ah well, onwards and upwards! This week we’re heading swimming, I’m going to start the POP Pilates beginner’s calendar and I’m going to start using the food diary app again. I need some more food like this!


Photo by Hermes Rivera on Unsplash



Sort and redecorate the house


I’ve chosen the prints, but we need to get more frames and more time! This week the big job is to give the living room carpet a thorough clean. This is where custody arrangements come in handy: it’s much easier to do a big task like this with fewer people in the house!



Have enough savings to cover bills for 6 months


My balance is more or less the same as it was two weeks ago. Because of the cold and a few other things, there have been a few quick fixes here and a few takeaways there. That said, I have had some gift ideas from Rhian and none of them are too expensive, and Valentine’s Day has been covered for a princely sum of £5 each, excluding food. Over the next few weeks, I want to be heading back up to the two month mark. This week, I’m going to rein in my spending: one treat for the kids is plenty this week and no quick fixes!



Continue to reduce our impact on the planet as a family


I’ve created the plastic audit sheet and we’re starting it today because it’s bin day! I took a quiz the other day to find out what my carbon footprint is and I was quite shocked! Without giving away all of the spoilers, I’m still using slightly more than is my fair share, so I have to get on top of that ASAP. I’m going to use my results to plan a way forward for the rest of the year.


A slow couple of weeks, but I’ll get there. How has yours been?



9 thoughts on “#BestBootForward 6

  1. Lovely to have you along with #BestBootForward again, as always! You’re so right in saying that sometimes fixing one social problem can lead to benefits in other aspects of life, having a knock on effect. There are so many big problems though, it can be hard to know where to start and what to prioritise. As for suffragettes and suffragists, I think in reality it was a combination of both with both action and negotiation that got the job done. There’s still so much more to do though 100 years on. On your personal goals, I love your budget planner! So pretty AND practical. Things have a habit of cropping up but super that you all ready managed to have some funds to fall back on. Weight wise – have you tried taking measurements rather than weighing? I used to work in a gym and was always told that was by far more accurate a way of showing progress because as you get stronger you may lose fat but build muscle which doesn’t necessarily mean losing weight! All in all, it sounds as though you’ve done brilliantly this week, despite the horrible lurgy – we all have it here too!

    1. It’s good to be back! I missed everyone last week but I didn’t have time or energy to sit down and write the post. I love my journal so much – it keeps all of my to-do lists and goals in one place without being as complicated as a bullet journal. I haven’t tried measuring yet but I think I will by the end of the month. Generally I go by the fit of my clothes, and it hasn’t felt great this week!

  2. Wonderful to have you back. Love your intelligence as ever and I share many of your big concerns about the world. Hate carpet with a passion as so impossible to keep clean one way or another. I am not the best at environmental matters but you are going to inspire me to be better this year. Love watching your year progress #BestBootForward

  3. yes you’re right, changing the world will not change the way people live, we need to change the people which is easier said than done. Having lived in South Africa for 4 years, I’ve seen first hand how sometimes giving people more has caused more and different problems that they’ve never had to deal with before. For example when the government gave people access to electricity and water, they gave them bills and debt to go with it.
    I don’t pay any attention to the scales, although i’ve lost 3kg and maintained the loss my clothes don’t feel any better on me and i still have my mum tum (youngest child now 18)

  4. I am so done with January and February. I’m fed up of feeling cold to the bone and really need to feel some sun on my face! Like you it’s been one cold after another. I think you are right about needing to drop some things. I’m sure juggling to many balls doesn’t help with feeling like this. I’ve given up looking at the scales for now, will try again in the spring ????

    I love the pictures and the curtains and plants in the window make the room look so bright and fresh 🙂 #bestbootforward

    1. Maybe I take my living room for granted because I’m always in there, but it sure doesn’t feel how everyone else seems to see it!

      I’m temporarily covering a voluntary position after someone resigned and I think it’s partly that which has me so rushed. I think I need to carve out a day where I stay in my pyjamas and do nothing all day, or a long walk in the woods, which of course are complete opposites.

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