#BestBootForward 7

I’m putting my Best Boot Forward!


This last week has been a pretty mixed bag. There have been rows and loving moments, energy and exhaustion, productivity and overwhelm. I am NOT feeling balanced. Half term starts this week and I’m hoping this will help to restore some equilibrium.


Kate’s task this week is a pretty cool one: write a love letter to yourself. I’m not sure why I’m struggling with it!


Dear me, thank you for not giving up when times were rough. Those times have given you amazing strength. Financial abuse made you very good at handling money when you have it. Running a home and three kids by yourself has given you crazy organising skills. Traumatic events in life have shown you that even when you think you can’t handle things, you can: because you’ve survived so much worse. 


You need to look after your body more: in particular those joints! I know it’s weird to be saying it in my 20s, but it is NOT normal to hurt so often. Abandon the pursuit of perfection: learning to love yourself as you are will bring you more happiness than that ever could.”


Lose 12kg in a stable and healthy way


I’m not really sure what happened. Despite the scales showing me last week that I’d gained, this week they’re showing me that I’ve lost 1.7kg. Maybe I was looking thinner last week after all. Maybe my scales are dodgy. Who knows? What I do know is my clothes are fitting me a little better so I must be doing something right! I didn’t actually end up keeping a food diary or starting the POP Pilates calendar either… Meh. Not gonna dwell on it. Just going to keep going. Here’s a photo of the vegan pancakes I’ve been munching my way through this week. Every bit as delicious as they look!


vegan pancakes with small bowls of cherries, blueberries, chocolate chips and blood orange.


Sort and redecorate the house


Argh! After a stressful weekend, that went right out of the window. Luckily, half term is right around the corner and the boys go to their father for half of the week, so there will be time, what with that and the extra 2-3 hours in the day that I’m not preparing for and doing school runs! It’s tempting to add more on top of the carpet cleaning but I’m not going to. Because it won’t get done. If I don’t get it done myself by the end of the month, I will hire someone to do it.



Have enough savings to cover bills for 6 months


My balance is a little lower than it was last week. I did rein in my spending, but the bills have come out and my ex’s 4-weekly maintenance payment is £170ish less than it should be again. The Child Maintenance Service say there’s a queue, bless them – I’ve been queuing for 6 months as it is. They say they can’t enforce Collect & Pay because he was on the sick, but he hasn’t been on the sick since before he started underpaying (which coincidentally was just after Ian moved in with me). Yes, “fathers” should do all they can for their children, including pay for them and in an ideal world, we wouldn’t need to have a CMS. Unfortunately, some people prefer to get by doing the bare minimum they are forced to do. The CMS are there to protect the interests of the children and in this case, they are failing. Sorry for the rant! Some day soon I’d love to be able to add more hearts to that chart!



Continue to reduce our impact on the planet as a family


When I first took the carbon footprint calculator, it told me I was using 94% of my fair share. The second time, it was 101%. The difference? I remembered that I had bought a laptop and a new mobile phone in 2017. This year I’m putting a stop to purchasing big ticket items brand new. I’m already part way there – Rhian’s mobile phone was used and my contract isn’t due for renewal until summer 2019. However, my fridge freezer is falling apart (literally – the freezer door has come loose) and we were thinking of buying new. I’m going to figure out a way to reattach that freezer door and change the bulb in the fridge!


A pretty “meh” week. How has yours been?



8 thoughts on “#BestBootForward 7

  1. Sort you’ve been feeling a bit “meh” but it’s still sounds as though you’ve had some positives. I too have had a slumpish week so maybe it’s something in the air or a phase of the moon! Anyway, you’re not alone! I know your frustration with the CMS. My eldests dad has never had a job so the payments wouldn’t be much anyway but he kicked. Off massively when I tried to lain once so I decided I jut don’t need the hassle for the little money it would be anyway! It’s more the principal that he doesn’t respect the job I do but hey ho. My daughter does and that’s all that matters 🙂 in completely unrelated news – did you feel the earthquake!? What is going on!? Much love and thank you for joining in with Best Boot Forward once again!

    1. My ex is very keen on his rights as a father, sadly not so keen on his responsibilities. If he can get away with giving less, he will in any way he can. It may get sorted soon… that’s what the CMS is there for, right? *cough*

      I didn’t feel the earthquake. I feel like I’ve missed out!

  2. Thanks for taking on the love letter to self challenge with Best Boot Forward. I found the first half really moving and the second very wise.
    I love how you check in with your initial goals making yourself accountable and hence encouraging your readers to do that too.
    Weighing scales have a life of their own – whoever invents some really accurate one will never have to work again! We still hand over so much power to what they say rather than our measurements or how we feel.
    You know what I will think on the dads and money front.
    And I love that you make me think in every post I read about the planet which I do too little

    1. Scales really do have a mind of their own, who knows what’s going on there? What I do know is that I love tasty food, and tend to relax a little too much after a successful week. I need to either reward myself less, or reward myself differently.

      This is the second time recently you’ve said you do too little for the planet – you know what to do! Not sure what your energy situation is like in France so I suggest starting by experimenting with vegetarian and vegan food.

  3. my wallet is always taking a bashing, this week it’s a new boiler for the house we rent out in the UK, drives me mad the unexpected payments that keep popping up. bestbootforward

  4. my wallet is always taking a bashing, this week it’s a new boiler for the house we rent out in the UK, drives me mad the unexpected payments that keep popping up. bestbootforward.

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