#BestBootForward 8

I’m putting my Best Boot Forward!


This last week has been manic! The boys have been home for half term and I’ve loved every second of having them around. They’ve gone to their father now for the second half of the break. It’s the first full day without them and it is very quiet. I miss them, but I’m going to channel that energy into getting lots done rather than wallowing. Wallowing never does me any good.


Chloe’s questions this week have got me thinking. I often take time for granted: I can play with the kids tomorrow, I can move that project to next month, I can work tonight instead of making time for my fiance. It’s something I’ve become increasingly mindful of as I feel more overwhelmed.


A habit I should really get out of (or reduce) is rewarding myself with junk food. Sure, it’s fine some of the time, but when it’s stopping me from feeling healthy in the long run, it needs to change! My best habit is probably meal planning, followed by timetabling. Both kinds of organising, it saves me so much time and hassle when all is well.


Lose 12kg in a stable and healthy way


The craziness that is half term had meant that there have been lots of shortcuts (read: takeaways). As a result, I’ve gained a little this week. Nothing major, and I’m not that bothered. Having a fun half term with the kids is way more important IMO! However, I did manage to make a mean vegan cottage pie. Not actually sure what the calories were on that bad boy: probably a little too high! 😉




Sort and redecorate the house


A forgotten about gas meter repair has given me a sudden opportunity to sort out the massive pile of coats that were hanging up under the stairs, and now that the boys are with their father I can sort out the carpet. It really makes me wish I’d gone for laminate or wood, but I needed a cheap and fast fix at the time. Aren’t I paying for it now?



Have enough savings to cover bills for 6 months


Hahaha! Half term has certainly put paid to any visions of balancing the books this week. We’ve had days out, takeaways, and a trip to the health food store for xylitol chewing gum that ended up costing me £40. Oops! Feeling overwhelmed has made me take shortcuts, paying an arm and a leg to not need to cook and so on. That said, I have a few paid jobs on the horizon and I haven’t had Ian’s monthly contribution to the bills yet either. The last maintenance payment was £170 short (as usual) and I’ve lent out to family members and I’ve yet to be paid back. I’ve worked out that if all those things were sorted, I’d be closer to the three month mark! So I don’t feel bad for treating myself and the kids during half term. That said, I may need to start prodding people soon and I’ll be putting my nose to the grindstone myself over the next few weeks!



Continue to reduce our impact on the planet as a family


Caden is following his mummy and has been saving his birthday and Christmas money from last year. Now he has about £100 in his money box and he has decided to spend it on a tablet. I’ve convinced him to come to Cex with me and choose a second hand one – they have 2 year warranties as standard. This means he gets a new gadget, but without the production costs associated with it. I’ve also figured out that the middle hinge on my fridge freezer is what is causing the freezer door to come off. It should be a relatively easy fix: take the doors off, replace the offending hinge, put the doors back on. I could probably do it quite quickly without ruining the food and I’m thinking it would tie in well with a defrost. I’m ordering the part I need this week.


A manic, yet lovely week. How has yours been?



6 thoughts on “#BestBootForward 8

  1. I love your budget planner it’s so pretty! Mine is an ugly excel spreadsheet, haha! Sounds like you are very generous and I hope you get what you need back too, at least this way you can’t spend it in the meantime!

    I think we all need to make more time for the important stuff, I’ve been guilty of the same too!

    It sounds like you’ve had a super half term, full of good stuff and now you get a bit of peace and quiet too! How sweet that your boy is saving up his money – my daughter is trying to do the same with her birthday money.

    Love having you along every week with Best Boot Forward and you’ve been a great example for us in all your goal reaching. Thank you!

  2. You seem to be doing so well! I need to shift some weight too, but I’m not going to beat myself up over it. We went Vegan 2 years again, and I lost 4 stone in a year… the healthy way! We’ve slipped out of veganism now (only occasionally). Your cottage pie looks lush BTW x

  3. junk food is a big problem for me especially when I’ve been travelling, it always takes me about a week to settle into cooking properly, I find it too easy just to eat out all the time, I really need to cut costs and plan a bit better #bestbootforward

    1. I plan most weeks, if I find if I don’t I end up staring into a fridge full of food and drawing a blank!

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