I’m putting my best boot forward!


This week has been pretty awesome. I’ve made some progress on all of my goals, spent some more time outside and had some amazing news and relief!


I love making time to hit my goals, and I do this by tracking them in my (not bullet) journal. I do a rough timetable every week anyway to manage to home education/blog business/voluntary/housewife stuff, so I just slot those extra bits in when I can.


Being outside more has helped so much with this. It gives me headspace! I’m lucky enough to have a nature reserve not far from my house. As much as I love spending time in my garden, the nature reserve is where it’s at! I grew up half way up a Welsh mountain with trees everywhere, so I’m very comfortable here.


walking in nature


Lose 12kg in a stable and healthy way


The yoga challenge was going well until I started doing school runs again on Monday – it’s hard enough managing the military operation it takes to get my sons out of the door on time! The food diary has gone better – I’m putting most meals in it although I have forgotten on occasion (yes, mostly meals I don’t want to admit to). However, being honest with myself and planning for a trip to the cinema by consuming less calories earlier in the day had meant that I’ve had an amazing start by losing 1.5kgs in my first week. It’s definitely not sustainable, but I know that the first few weeks tend to bring bigger losses and it will even out eventually.


going outside with the kids


Sort and redecorate the house


Almost the entire living room has been decluttered. There is one bookshelf and an entertainment station (for want of a better word) to go. The wall that has been bare for the past 12 months after someone started a job he didn’t finish has now indeed had a lick of paint. The next step is to finish the big declutter and put the pictures and organising frames back on the wall.


living room


Have enough savings to cover bills for 6 months


We haven’t been able to make much of a start on this as things are still ongoing but we have had some good karma come back to us which will help. One of Ian’s clients is giving him their old car, which has had him smiling from ear to ear for the past few days. He was about to take out a loan, so it has really helped us. I realised I’d been paid too much for a few weeks and when I admitted I had only skimmed the award, explained the situation and asked them to recalculate they said they’d recalculate from the date I emailed them. The next step for me is to finish the budget as best I can and to contact CMS (again).


cardiff taffs community currency


Continue to reduce our impact on the planet as a family


I haven’t added our appliances to Fat Lama yet as we’re still in the thinking stage. I have written a list of things to upload, and given Ian a fair chance to veto some of them. We did go to our monthly community currency meetup and exchange some of our unwanted things for some of other people’s unwanted things. We’ve turned the thermostat down to 17c which is bearable if you’re wearing warm clothes. We’re getting the last of our children dry at night, so hopefully no more washing sheets etc! We’re also reducing our use of plastic.


It’s been a pretty awesome week here, and there seems to be no sign of slowing down. How has yours been?



13 thoughts on “#BestBootForward2

  1. Pat yourself on the back now and again – you’re doing great! Being a mum is hectic at best and when you’re spinning plates or juggling balls (or whatever other circus skill you want to use) sometimes you drop one or two. Most times no-one even notices! Even when your children have grown up they still tend to fill all your ‘thinking time’ – not sure when the ‘me time’ kicks in. Hasn’t happened for me yet that’s for sure! And of course it’s a blessing.

  2. Thank you linking up with #bestbootforward again this week. WOW on the weightloss front, we’ll done you! I’d be interested to learn more about the community currency meet ups if they are local. Such a great idea to swap things. Glad you found time to get outdoors too!

  3. Really pleased you had a good week and was thrilled to highlight you and your blog over on mine this week too. Your plants in the window gave me joy this morning – great to get a little nosey into your world. Such good news on the car front too – helps so much I am sure. Have yourself and amazing week and thanks so much for your support of Best Boot Forward and generally of course too.

    1. On the living room window there are two pepper plants, a chilli, a stevia and a peace lilly. I also have an aloe vera that is in desperate need of a bigger pot – should do that ASAP really because aloe vera juice does wonders for all sorts of things.

      When the house is redecorated etc maybe I’ll do a little walkabout on live for you!

  4. I’m so pleased that you’ve had a great start to the year! The school run has helped shift 4lbs of Xmas indulgence, I hope it continues to drop off. We also live near a nature reserve. It’s an RSPB centre, and is such a beautiful place to visit. Best of luck to your personal 2018, I hope it’s a good one 🙂 x

    1. I haven’t been to my local RSPB reserve for ages! Shane would love taking his stuffed hedgehog back to the place we bought him (he’s Shane’s best friend, you know!). Maybe that will be on my list for next weekend! Thanks for reminding me!

  5. sounds like quite a productive week, good luck with the weight loss, it’s something I need to focus on a bit more, can maintain it, but not lose it, good news about the car, that was a very generous gift #bestbootforward

    1. That’s my problem really, I can maintain (for short periods of time) but not lose. I’m turning that around though!

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