My goals for 2020 - find more balance

Dear Diary – January 2020

How did the new year start for you? We started it looking out of the bedroom window, watching fireworks erupt far off into the distance. We popped downstairs to finish our snacks, and Shane asked if it was bedtime with a yawn.

“New Year’s Eve is a special celebration! You can stay up as long as you like,” I replied, safe in the knowledge he’d fall asleep soon either way. Brownie points for being such a cool parent!

4am. He stayed up until 4am.

I’ve spent almost the whole month recovering. He, of course, bounced back.

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Our January

This month has been all about adjustments, with the boys going back to school and staying with their dad more often, and Rhian preparing for college (hopefully) in a few months time.

Veganuary has been participated in and thoroughly enjoyed, so much so that two of my kids have decided to go vegan themselves! This is the first year where I can honestly say that being vegan is pretty much as easy as eating meat. The kids are noticing they won’t have to miss out, and it shows.

Board Game Mondays and Video Game Wednesdays are now a thing. They mostly consist of Snakes & Ladders and Minecraft, with a side of Pokemon on both days.

My 2020 goals have now been set, as well as my budget. I feel like I have a clear but flexible plan for the year, and once I get used to the new home setup it’s going to be pretty smooth sailing!

I saw Slipknot live with my dad and it was honestly a pretty awesome experience. I’ve got a few more gigs in the diary for 2020. I can’t wait for the next one in a few days!

I’ve been spending more time in the garden, and found a fungus had made itself at home near my compost heap, and well as a rather precariously placed herb fennel. I’m leaving them where they are, and I hope they do well!

Liked & loved

Veganuary nom noms, especially the KFC Vegan Burger and the Subway Meatless Marinara.

Slipknot, both being at the gig and listening to their music so much this month!

eBay*, for being the go-to place to find second hand stuff this month

Rome2rio for being the source for land based travel inspiration

What I’ve been reading

I borrowed a few books from the library, but in all honesty I’ve been like a perpetually exhausted pigeon all month so I haven’t had the chance to read them.

This awesome blog post from The Quirky Environmentalist highlights the trials and successes of sustainable living.

After a long campaign from Friends of the Earth Cymru (I wrote a bit about their divestment campaign a few months back), the Welsh Assembly Member Pension Scheme has finally voted to divest. The fight isn’t over yet though, because we need councils across the coutnry to do the same.

What I’ve been writing

What I’ve been eating

One of the first meals of the decade was my trusty vegan cottage pie. Warm and comforting, it was exactly what we needed!

Vegan chicken korma, which is one of the easiest and tastiest things I’ve ever made. It’s definitely a monthly thing from now on!

Potsticker noodles, from a recipe book I got in the blogger’s Secret Santa.

Coronation chickpea, which took about two minutes to put together. It was one of those discoveries that says “this changes everything”!

2020 goals

It’s been a slow start to the year. I’ve set a payment plan for my debts and stuck to them, been trying to find a new balance to go with this new setup and generally keep my head above water. I’ll come out of hibernation fully soon!

I’m so glad the longest month of the year is finally over – onto the next one!

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