Dear Diary – November 2019

This year has really flown by, hasn’t it? I’m positive it was May a few days ago. The truth is, the last few months have been spent in a little bit of a black hole thanks to some Major Life Stuff that needed my attention. No matter though – I’m still around, and I’m almost completely recovered!

While I was working on that though, I got thinking about this blog, and how I want it to be. I’ve worked hard for it to be a place for people to find the sustainability advice they need – but that can’t be all it is. One of the changes I’m going to make is to start keeping a diary here again. So here’s my first entry!

November kicked off with the Wales Green Party AGM in Swansea. Taking the kids back and forth on the Saturday and Sunday was a challenge, but they handled it like champs and got suitably rewarded with sweeties afterwards.

I got ID’d two days in a row – I have no idea what’s changed over the last few months, but it’s happening a lot. At first I found it amusing. Now, I just want my wine – although I have also started silently cursing people who don’t ask for my ID now. 😅

There was plenty of family time, with birthday celebrations for both my mum and my dad. And a tasty vegan roast dinner which went down a treat!

Soon after that I went to the Green Party of England & Wales campaign launch in Bristol West, and got quoted in The Guardian!

We went to the Christmas light switch on here in Newport and had plenty of nature walks in our local green spaces. Caden experimented with some nature presenting – watch out Autumnwatch!

Green Gathering (my favourite festival and one of my virtual assistance clients) sold out of earlybird tickets towards the end of the month. It felt so good to see something I suggested succeed. I really needed that win!

I’m looking forward to Christmas, more family time and lots more cuddles. We can’t wait to get the decs up! December will bring the end to a fairly difficult chapter. It’s been a bit shit, and I’ve been a bit stuck, but that just means I get to plan what direction my life takes in 2020.

Liked & Loved

Vegan sausage rolls – they’ve been my go-to quick and cheap snack all month.

Chocolate salted caramel vodka cream liqueur – recipe coming soon, I promise! Will link here when it’s done, but for now have you seen my Baileys Almande Freakshake recipe?

Cex for being the best place to find preloved tech and support a circular economy.

And finally… this wholesome animal video, for no other reasons than it’s wholesome and has animals in it… honest!

What I’ve been reading

What I’ve been writing

It’s been a quiet few months here, I know – but here is what I’ve written in November! I already have posts planned for December – watch this space 😊

What’s this? A sneak preview?

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