My Buy Nothing New Year – February

As well as rain, rain and more rain, February has brought with it new questions and challenges for my Buy Nothing New Year. Already I’m finding things I hadn’t thought of or planned for.

Why a buy nothing new year?

I’ve been steadily reducing my impact on our planet for a while now and I’ve explored as many different areas of sustainability as I can. I’ve gone vegan, switched to a renewable energy provider and drastically reduced the volume of waste our house creates. This is the natural next step for me. I’m still working on waste reduction, but stopping the flow of new stuff into my home is the main thing we’re working on this year.

What went well

This month has seen us move from things to experiences, which has gone down pretty well. Spending quality time together far outweighs the joy they boys got from Pokemon cards last month. This mostly revolves around food and video games, which suits me just fine!

What I struggled with

I bought a few things that I felt weren’t really covered when I set the goal to buy nothing new for 2020. For example, seeds and bulbs for the garden. They were new, and I probably could have sought some through seed swaps and the like, but also, they’re seeds. Do they come under food, being edible crops? Or perhaps they’re not a “new thing” at all, because they’re seeds which will grow, sequester carbon, and eventually die.

The other thing I struggled with was buying a Sims 4 expansion pack. There’s no tangible item because it was a download, so I felt it couldn’t really be in the “new” category. That said, when I really thought about it, it felt almost like cheating. It did, however, give me the chance to just shut off which was exactly what I needed at the time.

What I bought, in total

New – Various seeds for my garden this year

Preloved – A two person tent, swimming costumes for the boys and a big bundle of clothes for my niece’s birthday.

Borrowed – Library books.

Other – tickets to a concert for Rhian’s birthday, a Sims 4 expansion pack on Origin

I feel like we’re getting into the swing of things! Some of my things are really getting to the point of repair or replace, including my backpack which I’ve had for 4 years. I’ve also written out my decorating plan for the year, and that’s going to be the really big challenge. For updates as I go along, check out my Instagram stories.

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