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Onwards and Upwards #1

I am heading onwards and upwards!


The last few weeks have been pretty crazy. My personal goals have taken a bit of a back seat – I’ve been so busy with everything else!


Lose 12kg in a stable and healthy way


This week I’ve kept an eye on portion sizes and stayed away from drink. It’s worked reasonably well: I’ve lost 0.7kg! Next week I’m going to keep on keeping on, and probably get back into Pilates for the first time since I hurt my back.


nettle soup



Sort and redecorate the house


Ha! One of the main reasons I’ve felt so overwhelmed lately is the house has not been in great shape at all. Or any sort of shape really. It’s had a massive impact on my mood! We’re getting back to normal, and that’s all my focus will be on this week.


the done list


Have enough savings to cover bills for 6 months


Again – ha! We’re back down to about a month and a half after some biz investments and a few too many treats! Next week there will be no takeaways or other extravagances.


my budget planner


Continue to reduce our impact on the planet as a family


Actually I’ve managed to do OK with this! We’ve started making Ecobricks, which means almost all of our plastic waste will be repurposed from now on.


a tree in blossom against a blue sky


Back to it!


a selfie with some plants in the background

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