Putting My #BestBootForward

best boot forward

I am putting my #BestBootForward this year!


I love New Year’s Resolutions, but I haven’t always been great at sticking to them. In 2017 I managed to hit some of my 5 goals. I paid off what was left of my debts, I launched and grew this blog, and I finished 2017 much greener than I started it. I didn’t move into a new home with Ian, because he moved in with me instead – definitely a highlight of my year! The only goal I didn’t hit was to be healthier. Leaving a physically demanding job to blog from the comfort of my sofa was never going to do wonders for my health!



Why I set New Year’s Resolutions


Yes, it’s true that you can set goals at any point of the year, and I do set goals at other times of year if I have to. You don’t need to set goals to achieve something amazing: I quit smoking the first year it wasn’t on my to-do list! That said, having this time of year as a prompt has always energised me and last year the feeling lasted most of the year.


This year, I’m looking forward to taking my goal getting to the next level by reaching out and finding other people who also want to hit their goals. A massive thank you to Kate and Chloe for their #BestBootForward linky is in order!


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My 2018 goals revealed


In total I have 14 (!!!) goals for 2018 but since 10 of those are business based, I think we’ll just stick with the 4. I don’t need to be boring everyone with stats. I can’t wait to see how many of them I’ll have hit by 31st December 2018!


So, here goes: my goals for 2018. The why, the how and everything that goes with it.



Lose 12kg in a stable and healthy way


Last year, changing jobs had an adverse affect on my body. It was the right choice for me at the time and I’m not changing how I work any time soon, but I need to either buy new clothes or lose the weight I gained (and then some!). I chose 12kg as a nice, easy number to work with. I knew I had to be more specific than last year for me to take it seriously! I’ve kicked off this month with a yoga challenge for beginners and keeping a food diary.


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Sort and redecorate the house


Last year we tried to get an exchange, but we weren’t able to find one. Most of the time we didn’t even get as far as finding suitable houses! The main reason is probably that people don’t want to move from Cardiff to Newport, but one thing I consistently found while looking for a swap was that gorgeous looking houses always had a lot more interest. We’re going to get our home up to standard and enjoy it while we are here, knowing that if we do decide to move next year we’ve given ourselves a hand. This month it’s the living room!


fun at the beach



Have enough savings to cover bills for 6 months


This winter we were hit by a tax credit investigation into our self-employment. We were without tax credits for about two months. At the same time, a well-paid project was cancelled (which was a large chunk of my income) and my ex decided paying child maintenance was optional. Fortunately, we managed to scrape by using the money we’d saved for our wedding and our self-employed income. We managed it, this time. It was a struggle, but it taught me a valuable lesson. We need a rainy day fund. By the end of the year, we will have it. My current baby steps are to draft a new budget and put pressure on the Child Maintenance Service to act in the interests of the children.


walking in nature


Continue to reduce our impact on the planet as a family


Last year, we made progress but there’s so much more I feel we could be doing. I have to be honest, I don’t think I’ll ever feel I’ve gone far enough with this one and that’s ok. Our planet needs all the love it can get! This month, I’ll be adding some of my appliances to a website called Fat Lama, which offers a safe way to rent out your stuff so people don’t have to buy it. I’ll be reviewing the experience at some point so look out for that!


Are you putting your #BestBootForward this year?


7 thoughts on “Putting My #BestBootForward

  1. Thank you so much for joining in with #BestBootForward and you have some great goals! It sounds as though 2017 was an excellent year for acheivements, and I’m sure we’ll all be looking to you for inspiration this year! Also, you aren’t too far from me as I’m based near Abergavenny! Check out the Newhouse Family blog who have also linked up with us and are looking at some green living goals too!

    1. Cool! My youngest was born in Abergavenny. I almost moved to the area before I got this place actually. Maybe we’ll bump into each other at some point!

      Definitely will check out the Newhouse Family blog. I can never get enough green living inspiration!

  2. Physical health is important and I think you have picked up on something about how blogging can seriously damage your health being so sofa or bed-based. I never know what kg mean in pounds and ounces!
    I love how you take challenges and rise to them like the housing one.
    Too many people in the UK are living without any back-up money and that is an indictment on the system if you ask me. Hard workers getting nowhere fast but you have a plan and I hope it works out well. Going to check out that website on appliances which sounds fascinating. Thanks for joining the #BestBootForward gang – you will add so much to it and hopefully gain some too

    1. I don’t know what kg means in pounds either… I think it’s about 2 but I’m not sure.

      I’m looking forward to joining in, it will help keep me accountable this year. I’m feeling very motivated right now! 😀

  3. Best of luck for 2018! I’m going to check out Fat Lama… sounds like a great idea. This year we are focusing on our self sufficiency project. Gulp! We all need to do out bit to live a little greener 🙂

  4. I’m from Newport and when I’m in the UK I’m just a bit further afield from Chloe and in Monmouth. Which doesn’t make me very green with all the flying I do sadly. I need to lose about 5kg, not for health reasons but just to feel better about myself, since the kids left home 4 years ago, my weight has crept up on my slowly and I don’t feel good about it #bestbootforward

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