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5 Reasons You Need Toletis On Your Christmas List

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Last year I reviewed Toletis, a book about a boy who wants to stop the trees disappearing from around his sleepy village home. He enlists the help of his dog, his friends and some magical helpers.


“The trees are disappearing and the adults don’t care. Toletis, his dog Amenophis and his friends Claudia and Tutan are on a mission to turn their little valley town, set deep in the mountains, lusciously green again. The odds are stacked against them. Can they succeed… with some very unusual help?”


It was no secret then that I loved the book and this year I still feel very much the same. If you don’t already own Toletis, then you need to find an excuse to put it in your child’s stocking this year – or yours, let’s be real here 🙂



Toletis is a positive role model for boys


Toletis is a quiet, sensitive and caring boy who isn’t afraid to show his emotions. His character is a perfect antidote to the expectations of a “typical” boy: loud, boisterous and destructive. This is definitely a book for parents who reject the saying “boys will be boys”.


The “big” real life stuff


One of the things I love most about Toletis is that it touches on big real life events such as the death of a family member in a wholesome and loving way. Sad events in the book are neither taboo nor overly sad; they are expertly touched upon in a way that is both matter-of-fact and empathetic.



Toletis encourages a love of nature


It’s easy to be drawn in by the immersive storytelling and beautiful illustrations. Toletis spends much of the book exploring the hills and valleys around his home, foraging, planting trees and doing all of the things every child should. The book gives just enough detail – the smells, the sounds of the hills are so clear you’re almost there yourself.


Toletis stands up for what he believes in


Toletis has a good sense of justice. When trees are cut down to put a wide road through the town, he hatches a plan to stop it. He knows what is wrong in the world and isn’t afraid to step up and change it.


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A book or six should always be on your Christmas list


I’ve been quite lucky in that all of my children love to read. Although I have little issue with moderate screen use, there should always be at least one book on your/your child’s Christmas list. Children should be a) encouraged to read and b) encouraged to get outside. Toletis achieves both.


Toletis by Rafa Ruiz: RRP £9.99, Waterstones, Amazon and other good bookstores.

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