7 Ways Practicing Mindfulness Will Improve Your Life

Practicing mindfulness changed my life. How might it change yours?


Back in 2014, I was at rock bottom. I’d just moved to a new town with my children after my relationship with their father had broken down suddenly. We spent some time in temporary accomodation before finding our more permanent “for now” home. In the move, I’d lost almost every item I owned.


In the months that followed, I tried my best to rebuild. I knew that in order to stop the vicious circle that was my life at that point, I had to stop letting life happen to me and start making my new life happen. That’s where mindfulness came in!



7 ways practicing mindfulness will change your life


Practicing mindfulness for the last 4 years has improved my life in all of these ways and more. Need a quick way to start? Find out which habits bring more happiness to your life!


You will feel more relaxed. In the short term, a mindfulness session can bring a sense of calm. If you practice mindfulness long term, that feeling will stick around more.


You’ll be able to deal with life’s challenges. Everybody gets moments when they are like a pan boiling over, but by practicing mindfulness regularly, those become less frequent.



You’ll make better choices. Practicing mindfulness improves your insight. Are these people right for me? Do I need to take a step back? Should I eat the food/drink the wine? Being more aware of the effects of your choices makes you resolve to choose better.


You’ll be able to do more. Mindfulness has brought me a new sense of confidence. I spend less time worrying about whether or not I should do something and more time actually doing the thing, which means I get a lot more done.


You’ll feel comfortable saying no. You will understand your reasons and will be able to forgive yourself for not taking on another thing you can’t do.


Lush, green plants in a vase with a note attached that reads "Gratitude"


You’ll feel healthier. Being able to make better lifestyle choices brings a healthier state of body and mind.


You’ll find happiness in the little things.  The more you practice being in the moment, the easier finding those moments naturally becomes. We do this every week during my weekly mindfulness session, The Little Happy Journal Live.


Check out my weekly mindfulness session, The Little Happy Journal Live!


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