A Breakdown Of My Green Morning Routine

Mornings can make or break a day. Having a good green morning routine can set you up for a decent days work, or whatever else the day might bring. Having a bad one can leave you feeling rushed, stressed and worn out before you even begin.

It’s also the time of day many people find it hardest to be green – when you’ve got to get out of the door and have a million and one things to do, it’s hard to be conscious of your impact. As a single mother of three, it would be so much easier to go for convenience, and in some ways I still do.

It’s OK not to be perfect – as long as you know where you need to improve and are honest with yourself about what you can achieve. That means no excuses, while not pushing yourself to the point of breakdown either.

Anyway, here’s my current morning routine. I hope it helps you find some inspiration, and if you have ideas that could help me, let me know in the comments or on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter.

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Photo by Lauren Kay on Unsplash
Photo by Lauren Kay on Unsplash

7:30 – Wake up and shake up

I wake up, wash my face with water, brush my teeth with recyclable toothbrush heads (still using Sensodyne toothpaste until my stock runs out and I find a suitable alternative), put on my plastic free deodorant, plank for as long as I can and do some gentle stretching to help me come round.

7:45 – Plant-based breakfast

A weekday breakfast for me is often a slice of wholemeal toast with vegan spread and yeast extract. The bread is not homemade but the packaging is sent to Terracycle. Sometimes it’s a piece of fruit on the way out the door.

Caden and Shane usually have toast or bread with vegan spread. They don’t need as much B12, often choosing to have meat and dairy at school and at their dad’s. Rhian is never out of bed this early and makes her own breakfast when she gets up.

Breakfast is served with coffee for me and water or soya milk for everyone else. Percol is my coffee of choice – their plastic free ground coffee range is also organic and fair trade.

Savoury vegan banana pancakes with tempeh bacon and scrambled tofu

8:10 – Getting dressed

I have a really slimmed down wardrobe since doing a wardrobe cleanse with Mummy Style around this time last year. I guess the greenest thing about this is that it’s low consumption – I rarely buy new clothes, and I repair/donate/recycle everything I don’t want anymore. This also applies to makeup – I rarely wear it and as a consequence hardly ever buy it. My skin thanks me for this!

8:30 – Packed lunches

If the morning has gone smoothly, I make packed lunches for school. These usually contain a sandwich, a carrot or some cucumber from the veg box and a piece of very dark chocolate. I don’t pack a drink because they have reusable water bottles that are kept in school.

8:45 – Walking to school and work

We walk (and sometimes run depending on how late we are) to school and I walk back home again and set up for work. If I’m working from a coffee shop or something, I’ll walk into town instead. Not only is walking the greenest form of transport, but working from home is great for the environment too. If there’s a way you can do it, you should definitely try!

Photo by Holly Made Life

How can I improve my green morning routine?

My morning routine is pretty tight – if I could manage getting up earlier to set myself up for the day like I used to, I would. I would love to have some more variation in my weekday breakfasts, but we go for speed and ease. Making my own bread would definitely help, but I’m not going to be fitting this in any time soon, not without getting a breadmaker. I’d also like to swap to a plastic free toothpaste for sensitive teeth for myself. If you have any recommendations on how to improve my green morning routine, let me know below!

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