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A Guide To Tofu

Tofu is one of the foods new vegans feel most hesitant about. It’s pretty easy to see why – you expect something edible and get this unassuming, slimy white block of… well, what exactly?

While tofu is an intimidating ingredient for the uninitiated, I tend to go by the rule of if you don’t like a food, you probably haven’t had it right. Experimenting with food is something I always encourage, but if you want to cheat, here’s pretty much everything you need to know about tofu – including nutritional info, recipe ideas and how to press it.

Tofu bowl
Image by Gentina Bintang Danurendra from Pixabay

Why should you eat tofu?

Tofu is made from the soya bean in a similar way to dairy cheese. It’s a vegan source of protein which contains all of the essential amino acids. It’s also a vegan source of iron and calcium.

Firm tofu contains about 12g of protein per 100g while being low in fat, carbohydrates and salt.

Different types of tofu

There are loads of different types of tofu, and they’re each used in different ways. There are over 50 different types of tofu, but the main types you’ll find in supermarkets are:

Silken – great for sauces and desserts.

Firm – a good all-rounder.

Extra firm – best for frying, crumbling or baking (this is my favourite).

Marinated – already packed full of flavour.

Tofu and broccoli
Image by Jay Bahc from Pixabay

Tasty tofu recipes

Tofu has recently made a bit of a wave in our house, with the boys choosing to go to school with tofu sandwiches, asking to have tofu on their toast in the mornings, and wanting tofu for tea lots of the time as well. Is it just me or do kids have this weird ability to choose one “favourite” food and just eat tons of it without getting tired of it?

I am not one of those people, and although I’ve come to love tofu, I need some variety in my life or I will go insane. Luckily, these delicious meals are fairly easy to prepare and full of flavour!

Sarah’s Vegan Kitchen has some great tofu recipes

How to press tofu – three ways

Time needed: 1 hour.

How to press tofu

  1. Microwave method

    Wrap the tofu in a few layers of kitchen towel. Place on a plate and weigh it down with another plate and a bowl on top and microwave for 30 seconds.

  2. Freezer method

    Drain and freeze until you need to use it.

  3. Weight method

    Wrap in several layers of kitchen towel and put it between two plates or chopping boards. Weigh the top one down with books or bowls and leave for an hour.

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