Bloom And Nora Cloth Sanitary Towel Review

Bloom & Nora Cloth Sanitary Pad Review

I try out the Bloom & Nora cloth sanitary towels. Read on for my thoughts!


Bloom & Nora are the cloth sanitary towels brought to you by Glasgow-based company Tots Bots, who started out making cloth nappies in 2003. The pads come in two main varieties: colourful bamboo “Bloomers” and bright white polyester “Nora”. I went with the bloomers as I prefer to wear natural materials.


Bloom & Nora pads come in several different sizes. I was sent the Mini, the Midi and the Maxi. See below for the fine details:

Bloomer Mini: Light flow, 21cm long

Bloomer Midi: Regular flow, 26cm long

Bloomer Maxi: Heavy flow, 29cm long, double core

All Bloom pads are Oekotex certified, with an upper of bamboo fleece and a polyester microfibre core.  They’re popper fastening and have a soft waterproof exterior.


Blue Bloom And Nora Cloth Sanitary Towels On A White Background With Chrysanthemums


Bloom & Nora cloth sanitary towels: my thoughts


As you can see, the CSPs are gorgeous. The colourful flower print is on the underside of the pad, with a baby soft bamboo fabric on the “right side”. They’re about as thick as any other cloth pad.


The first thing I noticed was how incredibly soft they are. I make no exaggeration when I say it was like gently resting my vulva upon a fluffy, hot pink cloud. A fluffy, hot pink cloud that will shed its fibres if, like me, you are too lazy to wash a couple of times before use. So: unless you love that look, do wash the pads before use.


A Bloom & Nora Cloth Pad On A White Background With Flowers


I expected the pads to move around a lot due to their smooth underside. I’m pleased to say they largely stayed in place. I find I get a little bit of movement regardless of which brand or pad I use, but it’s never enough to leak or anything to panic over. For most of my period I felt perfectly dry, only feeling damp on my heaviest day. Again this is fairly normal for me across brands: even using dispoables I would feel damp during the gushiest part of my period.


Like all cloth sanitary towels, they’re easy to look after too. There are a few different ways you can keep them clean, but I usually rinse out the menstrual fluid before popping them in the washing machine with whatever else I have to wash. I use my regular liquid, no fabric softener (I don’t use this anyway) and wash at my regular temperature. The pads dried overnight on my airer and had no stains after washing.


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Do you use CSPs?


Bloom & Nora Cloth Sanitary Towel Review

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