britmums live 2017 review

BritMums Live 2017 – A New (Again) Blogger’s Review

I went to BritMums Live 2017 in London last week. Read on to find out what I got up to over the weekend!


welcome to the palace of westminster sign, houses of parliament family tour


The Houses Of Parliament Brand Experience.


I arrived in London on Friday to go to the Houses of Parliament brand experience, which was included in the ticket for BritMums Live 2017. We were taken on a tour to sample the family tours they give. We explored the House of Commons and the House of Lords: and weren’t allowed to sit in either of them because of an “old tradition”. So no sitting in Theresa May’s spot just yet. Maybe in another 20 years! I did manage to sneak a touch of Dennis Skinner’s seat as I walked past it though. Don’t tell!



I loved seeing the New Dawn installation above the entrance to St Stephen’s Hall. The New Dawn installation commemorates all those who fought for votes for women. The discs light up and fade in sync with the tide of the River Thames.


We also got to go downstairs to St Mary Undercroft. This area is where PC Keith Palmer, Margaret Thatcher and Tony Benn were laid before their funerals. Suffragette Emily Wilding Davison hid in a cupboard there on Census night 1911. As a result, her address was legally recorded as the House of Commons in the 1911 Census.


bloggers on a family tour of the palace of westminster, houses of parliament brand experience britmums 2017


What I Learned At BritMums Live 2017.


The workshops I felt I learned the most at were the Pinterest workshop and the Facebook workshop. BritMums Live was all about the social for me – as a new blogger, my focus is on getting seen!


a picture from the pinterest workshop britmums live 2017


Without giving away all of the secrets, here are a few of the tips I picked up at BritMums Live:

  • Twitter are doubling their character limit.
  • You can search Pinterest by taking a photo of something.
  • Batching your tasks makes you more productive.
  • You can’t find many search terms in Google Analytics anymore, you have to use Google Search Console.
  • Wine is good when it is from Spain, better when it is free and best when it is both Spanish and free at a press event.


visit spain brand workshop at britmums live 2017, holding a glass of spanish white wine


My Best BML17 Moments.


I pushed myself out of my comfort zone and went on Instagram Live at several points throughout the day. The first live was actually because I was a bit lost, and unsure if anybody would speak to me. Jade from Mummies Waiting joined the live and told me where to find her. Phew!


lauren from inspire create educate and jade from mummies waiting


Meeting some of my favourite bloggers and some new ones too including Aby from You Baby Me Mummy, Jade from Mummies Waiting, Aly from Bug Bird Bee, Monica from Mum On The Brink, Harriet from Toby and Roo, Hannah from Hannah Spannah, Daniel from The Dad Blogger and Matt from Man vs Baby.


Surviving my first time on a boat – well, my first time on a boat since I was about six and I went on one of those cute paddling boats that I wouldn’t fit a big toe in these days.


me blowing a party trumpet thing at the britmums live 2017 bibs cruise


Wine. Lots of wine. And food. Most of it free. Most of it vegan. All of it delicious.


Related: getting a recipe for watermelon gazpacho from the Costa Barcelona tourism board. I tried it this afternoon and it is delicious! I’ll definitely be blogging some gazpacho recipes next summer.


Exploring London after the Houses of Parliament experience and on Sunday before we went home. We saw Buckingham Palace, the Tower of London, Tower Bridge, London’s Chinatown and St Paul’s Cathedral.



buckingham palace


What I Didn’t Love.


I definitely did not love the hangover I woke up with Sunday morning after being wined and dined by Visit Spain, Costa Barcelona, Etc Venues and City Cruises. And then popping to All Bar One for good measure.


My feet after three days of being on them in new boots that hadn’t been broken in. Don’t do it, people! If I had waterproof boots, I wouldn’t have!


hangover after britmums live 2017


Would I Go To BritMums Live Again?


To keep it short: just try and stop me!


fanning myself with abys love button on the britmums live 2017 cruise


Did you go to BritMums Live? What were your thoughts?

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