Can Being Mindful Make You More Green?

My fiance wonders how practising mindfulness can make you more green. I explain!


Over the past few weeks, you may have caught my weekly mindfulness show, The Little Happy Journal Live, on my Facebook page. I really enjoy doing it, so much so that I’m writing a mindfulness journal! It’s one of the highlights of my week. Even when the one of my sons is home and the little rascal realises his ambition of being co-presenter!



Ian has asked me a few times what The Little Happy Journal Live has to do with my blog. He’s trying to help of course, but he doesn’t seem to be able to make the connection between being mindful and being green.


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What does being mindful have to do with being green, anyway?


Actually, quite a lot! We all know that being kind to our planet means not always taking the easy, convenient way. Here are a few of the ways mindfulness can help you with that:


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Being mindful energises you


Last week, I wrote a post about how to bring more energy to your life. Being mindful makes you more aware of your body, your thoughts and feelings. It also makes you more responsive to your needs, giving you more energy to face the day. The more energetic and upbeat you feel, the more energy you have for cooking meals from scratch or walking to work instead of taking the car.


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Being mindful increases your awareness


Being mindful makes you more aware of the effect your actions have on the planet, and other people too. When you are feeling present you are more likely to make better choices. Also, mindfulness helps you acknowledge how you can do things differently without apportioning blame or being unkind to yourself. So, instead of thinking “I’ve left the lights on again! I’m such a failure!” you may think “I’ve left the lights on again. What can I do to remind myself to switch them off?”



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Being mindful helps you avoid excess


One of the core concepts of mindfulness is savouring. This takes many forms, whether it’s savouring the meal you are eating or savouring an old memory. Savouring helps me be greener by forcing me to pay full attention to what I am putting into my body. It isn’t just limited to food, however. Yes, I might savour a smooth mug of coffee and realise I didn’t need that cake as well after all. Or, I might savour a slow walk home from school, listening to the birdsong on the way home, thinking I should leave the car at home more often.


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How does practising mindfulness help you be more eco-friendly?


How being mindful makes you green

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  1. Fantastic post ???? Being more mindful can totally turn around your day…. It gives you more awareness in all aspects of life. More mindfulness posts please ????????

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