decorative organising frames

Decorative Organising Frames

Save yourself hours of printing with these decorative organising frames.


I hate printing. I hate having to set the printer up, waiting for it to load (which always takes an age) and inevitably running out of paper at a crucial moment. For a while, I was stuck with it, printing off blank meal plans and timetables every week, or handwriting practice for my kids. Not anymore.


As a home educating, school running, business owning, volunteering mum of three, I get through a LOT of paper. That’s a lot of trees. Something had to give! While browsing my local supermarket in between school runs, I came across some A4 certificate frames. Yes… I thought, this could work!


a meal plan, a cuppa, some pistachios, some pens, a decorative sign and a notebook against a white background


Easy decorative organising frames


The first thing to do is make sure that whatever you’re putting in the frame looks the part, especially if you’re going to be putting your frame somewhere people can see it. I use the same designs you can find in the vault, so if you like the look of the design pictured above, you know what to do.


Next, consider how often you’re going to be updating the information. If you do the same thing every Monday morning, there’s no point using a dry wipe marker and writing it out again every week. Get your trusty Sharpie out and write in everything you hardly ever update. Use a dry wipe for the rest!


a study guide, some pens, a timetable, a cuppa, a notebook and a decorative sign against a white background


Finally, the decorating. We used some extra coloured permanent markers to decorate the frames and parts of the glass, making the designs really stand out. Now our timetable and meal plan are always on display!


I have probably saved an hour a week just by using these frames. For sheets you expect to use more than once but not often enough to need their own frame, print off a master sheet and keep it somewhere safe. You can put it into a frame to use, then put it back to use again whenever you like!


What is your go-to life hack right now? Let me know in the comments!

Decorative Organising Frames - Make getting organised fun by using these decorative organising frames - the bonus? Using these will cut your printing time dramatically!

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