DIY 12-Day Advent Calendar Box

An easy, green way to DIY *that* 12 day advent calendar…


Zoella has hit headlines recently after creating a 12-day advent calendar that retailed in Boots for a whopping £50.


What do you get for your money? Mostly cheap tat! Most of the items you get in your calendar will be thrown away after use, and next year you will be expected to go out and buy another one.


eco friendly gifting


This is one of the things that grate on me at Christmas. Year on year, I try and reduce the amount of throwaway tat that comes into our house. We try and make our gifts as eco-friendly as possible and this year our Christmas dinner will be completely meat-free (possibly completely vegan).


This year, I’ll be putting together an advent calendar box to keep for years to come. Every year, we will get the box out and enjoy one thing from it every day.


12 day advent calendar box ideas: pink votive candle, the nightmare before christmas on dvd, white bauble, miniature disaronno, stickman by julia donaldson, christmas card and pen


How to make an advent calendar box.


Firstly, find a suitable box to jazz up: I hoard shoe boxes, so that’s an easy job for me! This YouTube video below will tell you how to turn your shoe box into a gorgeous gift box.



What to put in your advent calendar box.


Next, you need to decide what to put into the box. Think about what activities you want to get out of it and who the calendar is for. Here are some ideas:


  • A Christmas book to read with the kids. 
  • A little jar of homemade hot chocolate mix. 
  • Your favourite Christmas film.
  • A miniature of your favourite tipple.
  • A DVD or USB drive containing Christmas home videos to watch.
  • Christmas themed cookie cutters.
  • A printed copy of your favourite Christmas recipe.
  • A nice pen to write the Christmas cards with.
  • Some Christmas themed colouring printouts and some pencils.
  • A printed letter to Santa template.
  • A small scented candle.
  • An extra special Christmas nibble of your choice.
  • A festive paper punch to create your own confetti with. 


gingerbread man hanging in front of a christmas tree


  • A Christmas themed felt shape kit.
  • A little box of Christmas cracker jokes.
  • Activity plans.
  • Ornaments for the tree.
  • A poem or a thought for the day.
  • Festive bubble bath.
  • A musical snowglobe.
  • A Christmas music playlist.
  • Beauty products.
  • Seeds to plant in the Spring.
  • Festive origami fortune teller.
  • Money in a small envelope.
  • A jar of reindeer food. 
  • A scented room spray.


christmas present in front of a tree
Photo by Ben White on Unsplash


There you have it – plenty of ideas for an advent calendar box. Number each item with a label and some twine. (Psst: I’ve created some printable labels for you – they’re over in the vault)


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DIY 12 day advent calendar box

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