eco-friendly camping

Eco-Friendly Camping Tips

The sun is streaming, the drinks are flowing and festival season is well and truly under way. Camping is considered by many to be a green way to holiday, but there are ways to make it even greener! So with The Green Gathering just around the corner, here are my tips to help you make your eco-friendly camping trip better for the planet than ever before.

eco-friendly camping

Eco-friendly camping tips.

Eco-friendly camping gear.

  • Beg and borrow. Rather than buy all new camping equipment, borrow as much as you can.
  • Rent the camping gear you need. There are loads of camping equipment rental websites out there: often these deliver locally so research which will be best for you.
  • Buy second hand. If you have to buy, try buying second hand first. Nothing new will be created and you’ll save a few quid in the process. Ebay is your friend here!
  • Reject disposables. Buy objects that you can re-use or take reusable items with you from home. You can’t beat those old tin camping sets – no need to take extra plates or bowls!
  • Embrace solar equipment. This solar powered, wind up radio is also an LED flashlight and phone charger. Wow!
  • Stick to eco-friendly soaps. Biodegradable soaps are much healthier for you as well as the earth and what grows upon it.

eco-friendly camping

Where to camp and how to get there.

  • Support green campsites and festivals. The more that we support green festivals the more it will encourage festivals to take on sustainable initiatives. There are eco-friendly camping sites popping up too: it’s worth looking into what’s in your area.
  • Make it a staycation. Travelling hikes up your carbon footprint so by holidaying in your own country or by staying close by you score extra eco-points!
  • Travel light. Be clever with your packing and save on weight. This means that whatever vehicle that you travel in, the fuel will go further. Your arms and back will thank you too!
  • Take the train. Trains are scheduled to run anyway so by taking the train you’re not creating any new emissions. It’s way more relaxing and enjoyable than being in charge of a car.

eco-friendly camping

Other eco-friendly camping tips.

  • Go veggie. We all know that growing feed for animals that we then eat is a strain on the environment. Cut down on your carbon footprint by going vegetarian. Read my post on vegetarian camping food for ideas!
  • Unplug. Another way to reduce your impact on our environment is to not need any electricity; everyone loves a good old campfire. Being outdoors is also a great opportunity to get away from the trappings of modern life – unplug and relax!
  • Use fire responsibly. Always have safety for you, your loved ones, wildlife and the environment in mind when building and lighting fires. The best way to light a fire is by using a purpose made fire pit, never light by long grass, shrubs or directly beneath trees and always keep some water nearby if it needs to be put out.
  • Take everything home with you. I love that phrase, ‘Leave no trace’. If more people understood and lived by it then we would have a much healthier planet.

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