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Atma Relaunch – Vegetarian Food with Heart in Cardiff

We were delighted to be able to witness the relaunch of popular vegetarian cafe Atma on Saturday. Now based in the Capitol Shopping Centre on Queen Street, Atma was opened by rock legend Chrissie Hynde.


Awesome vegan and vegetarian food in Cardiff Centre.


cafe atma relaunch vegetarian restaurant cardiff


The first thing we tried was some vegan mango lassi. It was creamy and delicious! It was a big hit with Rhian and Ian. I often find mango lassi a bit too heavy or sweet but this was neither.


cafe atma relaunch vegetarian restaurant cardiff


Next was a chocolate mousse. The boys absolutely loved it – they got as much on their faces as they did in their mouths! The staff were really friendly and occasionally brought extra chocolate mousse samples over for the children.


cafe atma relaunch vegetarian restaurant cardiff


The staff took the time to explain the menu to me, explaining the different things they use to make their burgers (some are nut, one beetroot, one seitan). I mentioned I’d had seitan at Sicily to Seattle before and who was stood next to me but Mrs S2S herself! It’s great to see such community spirit around vegetarian and vegan businesses in South Wales. The seitan burgers from both venues are delicious.


cafe atma relaunch vegetarian restaurant cardiff


Shane told me his pet hedgehog, Axel Leslie Squish Pidgeon, loved the food too. A seal of approval from our family hedgehog is a special accolade indeed!


cafe atma relaunch vegetarian restaurant cardiff


Our verdict.


Although Atma is a vegetarian restaurant, there are loads of vegan options to choose from. They only use Ahimsa milk – the cows that produce it will never be sent to slaughter. There is a lot of emphasis on this in the cafe – there are pictures of the cows throughout.


cafe atma relaunch vegetarian restaurant cardiff


A quick glance at the sample menu shows that the meals are reasonably priced, roughly ranging from £4-£12. However, there was no children’s menu. We could encourage the boys to share an adult meal, but I’d like to see more vegan/vegetarian places cater for our next generation. That said, the staff went out of their way to make my children feel welcome.


Overall, this is a great place. The atmosphere and decor are lovely and we felt right at home. I suspect there will be more than a few lunch dates and birthdays spent here! I wish Atma all the very best – Cardiff needs more places like this.


cafe atma relaunch vegetarian restaurant cardiff


Keep up with Cafe Atma.


Atma officially opens for business on Friday 21st July. Opening hours are 10-6 Mon-Sat and 11-4 on Sundays. You can book by calling 02920390391.

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