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Cardiff Veggie Fest 2017

On Saturday 13th May we went to the Cardiff Veggie Fest at the Mackintosh Centre in Roath. Vegetarian (and vegan) traders from around Cardiff and beyond gather to showcase their wares and bring delicious animal-free food to the masses.

What is Cardiff Veggie Fest?

Cardiff Veggie Fest is an annual festival in Roath, Cardiff. It celebrates the diversity of vegetarian food. Many of its traders are also vegan. There was a bar and entertainment, but most importantly a lot of vegetarian and vegan food to try.

cardiff veggie fest

Who was there?

There were traders inside and out with the most notable being:

cardiff veggie fest

What we bought.

First,we bought some gorgeous snacks from Vegetarian Food Studio. I adored my stuffed chilli pakora which was thankfully less spicy than it looked! From Simply V, we bought some young jackfruit and some vegan squirty cream. Next, we visited the Naturally Kind stall for some chocolate cups. They are so smooth and rich – a vegan/veggie fayre favourite in this family.

Before heading home, we went to The Parsnipship stall and picked up a taster platter for later. Their food was stunning and very well presented. We picked up some pies from Mr Nice Pie to take home for lunch the next day. If you get a chance to try their summer potato and petits pois pie, take it. It was too tasty to faff around taking photos. I am weak, I know.

cardiff veggie fest

Our best Cardiff Veggie Fest moments.

My best moment was finding young jackfruit and (gasp!) vegan squirty cream at the Simply V stall. Second best moment? The minty chocolate cup from Naturally Kind. It tasted very much like an After Eight and was a lovely luxurious treat.

Our worst Cardiff Veggie Fest moments.

A trader giving us food in a polystyrene container. This isn’t the 1990s! There are loads of better alternatives. I must remember to bring my own containers to these things.

A trader refusing to put his food in the polystyrene container I was trying to reuse. More waste created for the sake of it – we still used it to transport his food home safely though!

Stay in touch with Cardiff Veggie Fest.

Like Cardiff Veggie’s Facebook page and follow them on Twitter to get the latest updates. See you in 2018!

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