Green Gathering bucket list

My Green Gathering 2017 Bucket List

The Green Gathering is almost here! Are you as excited as I am? Read on to find out my bucket list for Green Gathering 2017.

Fun for the kids.

We spent plenty of time in the Kids Garden last year, but there is enough in other areas of the site to keep the kids occupied everywhere. The Green Gathering has expanded their kids activities this year. Last year we loved the Travellerspace kids tent in the Campaigns Field and the Crafts area best.

Bucket List Item #1: Explore every kids area on site and take a vote on which is our favourite.

Bucket List Item #2: Let the kids choose (at least) one activity/workshop each.

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My favourite acts from last year, Hoopy Frood and Sika, are both returning this year! Ian is excited about Transglobal Underground.

Bucket List Item #3: Watch Hoopy Frood, Sika and Transglobal Underground.

Bucket List Item #4: Watch at least one act on every stage.

green gathering campaigns area

Mind food.

All over the site, there are talks and workshops about a wide range of topics. You can talk about the environment or civil liberties in the Campaigns Area (I spent most of my time here last year). Learn about alternative currencies, keeping chickens and everything inbetween in the Permaculture zone. There is no end to the things you can learn about here.

Bucket List Item #5: Catch up with Wales Green Party.

Bucket List Item #6: Visit the Women’s Tent.

welsh vegan festival tramshed cardiff ice green ice cream

Delicious vegan food.

Although we’re bringing a lot of our own food, there’s so much to sample. I’m especially excited for Ice Green – I tried their pistachio and agave at the Welsh Vegan Festival a last week and it was delicious! I’m determined to try at least two new foods.

Bucket List Item #7: Have some vegan ice-creams from the Ice Green stall.

Bucket List Item #8: Try at least two new foods.

green gathering solar panels

Alternative technologies.

There are solar powered phone charging stations all around the site. I largely missed this bit last year – I’d brought along my juice bar and that was enough. There are solar cooking workshops too. I didn’t make the time last year but this year I’m determined to make the time to explore alternative tech properly!

Bucket List Item #9: Learn about cooking with solar.

Bucket List Item #10: Learn about one other kind of alternative technology.

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  1. Lovely post! Thanks for sharing, you have given me some good ideas for my GG bucket list

      1. So how was the new kids area this year then? I was a bit worried to bring my family this year as I knew that most of the activities they enjoyed best were not going to be there as the festival legends Majical YOUth kids area wasn’t going !!, my boys want to know did they still have the nets play area? and the free taster session kids area crafts ? we loved the real craft area too! but with 3 kids it isn’t cheap bashing a bit of copper and making a leather bracelet, so the “real” crafts area in the kids zone was a godsend! my wife wants to know did they still have the weekend tickets for the rides? it worked very well for us getting the V.I.P. pass ( we loved the way they called it that! our kids felt so special! ) and no further pester power, so win win all round!! and of course the highlight of our daughters day is always the play for the day, getting to dress up in at least 4 costumes before settling for “the one” and then doing a parade with a “real band daddy” before performing in front of a “real audience” (made up of course by all us mums and dads….!) but it must be said those Majical Youth theatre people are actually very funny in the “show” ( just eco anarchic enough, was one bystanders opinion! ) so it actually has become a bit of a ritual for us to end the day at the green gathering with the play for the day show and then the free fairground rides, nets and climbing frame, then food and bed! So I guess what we would really like to hear is what it was actually like with the new kids area? and what did they provide to cater for our hyper little boys and fairy princess daughter this year?

        1. Author

          Hi! We loved the kids area – they didn’t have the net or as many paid for rides this year. There was a boat swing that was £1 a go which my kids loved and it was better value than last year! There were kids crafts, toys, costumes, sandpits, a babies area, kids yoga workshops, circus skills, face painting and the Turn Up For Fun people playing games with the children. The kids area in the Campaigns area was back and there was a kids area in Permaculture too. The crafts area had workshops for donations, we all made copper jewellery and it wasn’t expensive at all because it was pay as you feel. We spent the evenings at the other end of the site for music so I couldn’t tell you how the end of the days went. I definitely preferred the set up this year.

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