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Welsh Vegan Festival 2017 Review

On Saturday 22nd July we went to The Welsh Vegan Festival, hosted in the Tramshed in Cardiff in aid of Farplace Animal Rescue. Vegan and ethical traders from all around came to show off their wares. It was a busy day and there was loads to see – click now to read more!

welsh vegan festival tramshed cardiff

What is the Welsh Vegan Festival?

The Welsh Vegan Festival is an annual vegan festival held in the Tramshed, Cardiff by Farplace Animal Rescue. Vegan and ethical traders from all over the country come to sell their wares and raise awareness of their campaigns.

welsh vegan festival tramshed cardiff

What we got up to.

Almost as soon as we got there it became apparent that this was very busy. We headed upstairs straight away (after having to battle our way through the crowd). Upstairs there were a few cosmetic and clothes stalls and the “kids zone”. After taking a few deep breaths, we were ready to tackle the crowd.

welsh vegan festival tramshed cardiff

It was so busy that we worked our way around systematically – going clockwise(ish) around the room. First we grabbed some jackfruit and squirty cream from Simply V. This is becoming something of a habit! Then we bought a massive slice of black forest gateau to share and a red velvet cookie sandwich for Rhian from The May Bakery. The black forest gateau was amazing and Rhian gave her cookie sandwich a big thumbs up!

welsh vegan festival tramshed cardiff simply v

welsh vegan festival tramshed cardiff may bakery vegan cakes

We next stopped at the Iuvo Skincare stall. The lady took the time to talk us through her products and we ended up buying two bars of soap (one rose and one lemon) and two deodorant bars. The soaps smell good enough to eat! I can see why they were featured in British Vogue.

welsh vegan festival tramshed cardiff iuvo skincare

Next was a trip to the Ice Green stall. They’re at The Green Gathering this year and I couldn’t resist getting a sneak preview. Ian and Rhian had raspberry, I had pistachio and agave. Mine was the best by far, although Ian would disagree! We’d eaten half of them by the time we remembered to take a photo. Oops!

welsh vegan festival tramshed cardiff ice green ice cream

welsh vegan festival tramshed cardiff ice green ice cream

After saying a quick hello to our favourite Newportonian vegan street foodies Sicily To Seattle, it was time to go. We stopped at a vegan chippy stall on the way, each trying a different dish. I had “fish”, Ian “chick’n balls”, and Rhian had veggie spring rolls. None of it tasted exactly like the non-vegan counterparts but it was close enough and very tasty too. It would have been even better if the chips were more like the ones you get in the chippy.

welsh vegan festival tramshed cardiff fish n chips

Our best Welsh Vegan Festival moments.

Sitting outside in the sunshine and eating our vegan chippy food. We got outside at exactly the right moment – when we arrived it was raining. The table was still wet but the sun was warm on our backs.

Secondly, the sweet treats. Both the ice cream and the black forest gateau were so delicious, it was impossible to put one over the other! The slice of gateau was enough for more than two people – Ian and I shared it and his mum tried some too.

welsh vegan festival tramshed cardiff the may bakery

Our worst Welsh Vegan Festival moments.

It was difficult being in the crowd. There were a lot of traders at the festival and a lot of people too – the crowd could have been better managed. At some parts, if there was someone at the stalls in front of you, you couldn’t get past. In the end, I was glad to get outside. The thickness of the crowd took away from my enjoyment of the festival.

The “kids zone” was a bit of a bummer – it was just some foam tiles on the floor with some baby toys. It would have worked well for babies, but toddlers and older? Not so much. I couldn’t help but think this was a token gesture that hadn’t been properly thought through.

welsh vegan festival tramshed cardiff petunia nightsky

Don’t miss out on Welsh Vegan Festival updates.

All in all, it was a good festival. I found new traders and got to say hello to old favourites. I’d definitely go again, but I’d try and find a quieter time and make the time to watch some of the talks too.

For news on the next Welsh Vegan Festival, like their Facebook page, follow them on Twitter and check out their website.

atma relaunch vegetarian food cardiff

welsh vegan festival tramshed cardiff

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