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Family Friendly UK Festivals For The Eco Warrior 2018

Itching to get out in the summer sun?


The winter has been long and dreary. I get it: you need the sun too. Even as I type this my fingers are like ice. I’ve taken to wearing fingerless gloves indoors so I can type faster. As we shiver on the school run, my son says he can’t wait for the summer so he can go to Green Gathering in the warm again. Neither can I, Caden. Neither can I.


I’m pretty sick of the winter now. I want to feel the warm breeze in my hair, hear the tingle of a nearby busker in the air. Let me be at a festival, in the trees and the grass and the air. Away from screens for a weekend (well, mostly). Give me great camping food, great mind food, great music and great times. These are the festivals I’m keeping my eye on this year.


The green UK Festivals to watch: the family edition


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Green Gathering, Chepstow, 2nd-5th August


Going to Green Gathering was one of the highlights of 2017 for me: despite the rain! They are back at Piercefield Park, Chepstow for what promises to be another amazing year. Visit their website to get the latest list of acts and current ticket prices. Please let there be Tarantism Folk Disco and Transglobal Underground!


Fancy going to Green Gathering this year? Affinity tickets available for my readers for just £90 with the discount code ICED81! They’re only available until June 30th so get in there while you can – instructions here. (Tweet me after you get your ticket – maybe we can grab a cuppa there!)



Wood Festival, Oxfordshire, 18th-20th May


A little earlier in the year than the others, the Wood Festival seems very much geared towards children. There’s a hedgehog workshop (Shane would be over the moon) and a mindfulness for families workshop *swoon*. If the idea of sleeping in a tent for a few days turns your stomach, you can book a room in the grand house that overlooks the fields.



Elderflower Fields, East Sussex, 25th-28th May


Elderflower Fields prides itself on being a festival for families and a look at the website doesn’t disappoint. I especially love the look of the Into The Trees part of the festival site, where there are foraging walks, tree climbing and more.



Shambala, Northamptonshire, 23rd-26th August


Shambala has a great page on their website detailing all the ways they are striving to be greener. They are meat and fish free and have a creche and bush camp. The kids area looks pretty amazing too, for those who don’t fancy the idea of a creche. I wonder if my daughter would do bush camp?



Green Man Festival, Brecon Beacons, 16th-19th August


The Green Man festival has been highly recommended by the friends that have been. Held in one of the most beautiful parts of this beautiful country, it’s sure to be a good weekend. They’re taking steps to reduce waste, donating anything useful that festival-goers can’t take home to the Newport to Calais Aid Collective. There’s a lot more this festival could do, and I hope I see them do it.


What festivals are on your watchlist this year? Have I missed any? Let me know in the comments!


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  1. We LOVE festivals. This year will be our 3rd year at Elderflower Fields – it’s amazing as is Into the Trees. We can’t wait. The others all look fab too. Sarah #ExplorerKids

    1. Author

      Ooooh, do you do a review on the blog? I would love to read it if so! 🙂

  2. Oh some of these look like lots of fun, id love to take my kids but I need my youngest to start walking and crawling and muddy fields dont mix hey! #ExplorerKids

    1. Author

      I don’t think I could have managed it when mine were babies. Some people do, and all power to them! But not for me. See you there in a few years! 😉

  3. These all sound so fantastic! I can see why you are keeping your eye on them. #ExplorerKidsLinky

    1. Author

      Sadly one of them is falling on my nephew’s 1st birthday weekend so I definitely have to give that a miss.

  4. Those all sound like pretty amazing festivals. I’m in Canada so I won’t be visiting any, and they don’t seem to have really great ones too close to me here. (There is a Harry Potter festival in Ontario this spring or summer, but it’s too far to justify the cost, plus spending the night elsewhere as well.) I hope you get to check a few of them out!

    1. Author

      A Harry Potter festival sounds awesome! Fingers crossed I’ll be at one or more this year.

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