11 Gardening Jobs To Do In Autumn

Summer is officially over. The temperature is cooling and the garden growth is slowing. Wondering what to do next? So was I. Here are some gardening jobs to do in Autumn.


This year was a rough year for the garden. There was just so much going on that it wasn’t a priority. We didn’t get the harvest we wanted and my garden doesn’t look like one I’d actually want to spend time in.


I knew that once the harvest season was over, growth would slow and I started to wonder what to do next. I don’t want spring to creep up on me like it did this year. I figured the only solution was to keep going as much as I could through autumn and into winter. Where should I start?


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Gardening Jobs To Do In Autumn


  • Harvest crops. Now that the growing season is mostly over, it’s time to enjoy the fruits of your labour. I’m looking forward to some peppery Nasturtium Pesto after having many more nasturtiums than I intended this year.
  • Clear away spent plants. Dig up any plants that have served their purpose and put them in the compost and garden waste so you can start preparing the beds for next year.
  • Prune trees and shrubs. Remove any dead or diseased looking growth to help keep your shrubs healthy.
  • Bring tender plants indoors before the first frost. Stop your tender plants from being damaged by bringing them in before it gets too cold.


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  • Gather leaves for leaf mould. Leaf mould is an excellent mulch. Gather fallen leaves in a black bag, pricking the bag in several places. Leave in a cool, dry place for a year and in 2 years you will have some leaf mould! Important note: don’t gather leaves from woodland.
  • Repair/build garden structures. Less mowing and weeding means more time on your hands. Now is a great time to check all or your garden structures for faults.
  • Start planning next year’s garden. I’ve started thinking about what I want in my garden next year already. We didn’t have as much success this year because we waited for a move that didn’t happen. We may be moving next year yet, so it needs to be a fairly easy maintenance garden again this year.


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  • Plant spring bedding and bulbs. A daffodil or tulip at the end of winter is a lovely sight! Another beautiful spring bulb is the Snake’s head Fritillary.
  •  Clean out the greenhouse and the shed. This is a good time to get the greenhouse and shed in order. Give both a good clean.
  • Prepare next year’s beds. Dig out anything that shouldn’t be there before digging in some organic matter (compost or manure).
  • Clear out the compost bins. If your compost is ready, use it. If the compost is not ready, turn it to speed it up and start a new batch. Still too slow? Try a hot composter.
  • Service your garden tools. Before locking most of your tools in the shed it’s a good idea to give them some love. Wash, sharpen, oil and replace broken parts before putting them away.


What are your plans for autumn? Do you know what you want to grow next year yet? Let me know in the comments!


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